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Storage space usage accounting in APEL is based on the StAR (Storage Accounting Record) developed by EMI in conjuction with the OGF Usage Record Work Group (UR-WG). The format is documented here.

EMI delivered StAR solutions for dCache and DPM in EMI-3. In both cases the storage service queries its database at a site and extracts data to populate StAR usage records. The site then uses SSM as a transport method to send the StAR records across the EGI Messaging Service to APEL's central accounting repository.

Deployment Instructions

Get the accounting script

Follow the link for your product:


DPM - you need to run 1.8.7 or higher. For earlier releases it can be found here http://svnweb.cern.ch/world/wsvn/lcgdm/lcg-dm/trunk/scripts/StAR-accounting/star-accounting.py

On the command line which runs the script, add: --site="your-GOCDB-sitename"

Get the SSM software

The APEL SSM software can be installed from the yum repo or by downloading an RPM or tarball. See here for more information: SSM

Get authorised

To authorise your host to publish storage accounting see the section on configuring GOCDB.

Configure GOCDB

When storage accounting moves to the production message broker network then you will need to add a service type to GOCDB for the host which runs SSM. The servicetype has not yet been defined but it will require the host certificate DN.

You need to add a service endpoint for that host to GOCDB with the service type "eu.egi.storage.accounting" and the correct host certificate DN.

Configure SSM

To configure apel-ssm for sending accounting records edit the file /etc/apel/sender.cfg, and modify some parameters:

  • In the [broker] section, you need:

network: PROD

(Not this: network: TEST-NWOB)

Also set:

use_ssl: true

  • In the [certificates] section, you need to set the host certificate to be used by the sender:

certificate: /path/to/your/host/certificate
key: /path/to/your/key

  • In the [messaging] section, you need:

For production publishing -> destination: /queue/global.accounting.storage.central

For test publishing -> destination: /queue/global.accounting.test.storage.central

As described here: ​https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/APEL/SSM2Configuration.

path: set to the directory to which the StAR records are written by your storage software.

dCache and DPM should send one StAR record per VO. Please set up a cron to run once per day.

Running the Accounting Software

Create a cron job to run your accounting script followed by the SSM sender. We recommend that you send storage accounting data once per day. There will be a delay of up to 12 hours before you see the data you have sent reflected in the Accounting Portal.

Storage Data at the EGI Accounting Portal

Accounting Portal Prototype view