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The configuration follows the same configuration system that is common to all dCache components. In keeping with other dCache components, the default values are exposed and well documented.

In general, a site should review the star.properties file (in the standard location for configuration defaults) and update their site-specific configuration, if necessary.

Information on how to set the star.properties file can be found here: https://github.com/dCache/dcache/blob/master/skel/share/defaults/star.properties

Map local groupid to experiment VO names as appropriate

star.gid-mapping = 12345=/atlas,12346=/cms,12347=/lhcb (EXAMPLE)

Running the dcache-star command will generate records according to that site's configuration.

Edit SSM's sender.cfg to have "path:/var/spool/dcache/star" so that it can find and publish the records dcache generated.

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