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Changes since version 0.1

  • VO has changed to Group
  • Group has changed to VOGroup
  • Role has changed to VORole


  • If GlobalUserName, Group, VORole or VOGroup are not published, the value for these fields on the server will be set to 'None'.
  • A single job record must only be included in one summary record to avoid duplication of data. The job records are included in months according to the month and year of their EndTime. The month and year should be in UTC. Only completed jobs are accounted for by APEL.
  • All durations are in hours. Normalised durations should be multiplied by HEPSPEC06. All figures should be rounded to the nearest integer.

Example Message

APEL-summary-job-message: v0.2
Site: RAL-LCG2
Month: 3
Year: 2010
GlobalUserName: /C=whatever/D=someDN
Group: atlas
VOGroup: /atlas
VORole: Role=production
EarliestEndTime: 1267527463
LatestEndTime: 1269773863
WallDuration: 23425
CpuDuration: 2345
NormalisedWallDuration: 244435
NormalisedCpuDuration: 2500
NumberOfJobs: 100
...another summary job record...