The Technology Coordination Board (TCB) has been established to coordinate the identification, testing, validation, adoption, provisioning, and decommissioning of existing and future technologies relevant to the delivery of the EGI Service Portfolio.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • The appointment of technical area coordinators in ICT domains identified to be relevant to the EGI Service Portfolio.
  • The definition and maintenance of the EGI Federation Technical Plan, defining the EGI Federation service architecture, the technical specifications of the EGI portfolio services and their interoperability guidelines in collaboration with working groups, technology providers, service providers and user communities.
  • The setup and coordination of working groups contributing to the definition of the technical plan in specific areas relevant to the EGI service portfolio.
  • The consultation with relevant stakeholders for any matter that concerns the EGI technical plan, through face to face meetings and online channels (webinars, surveys, etc.).
  • The liaison with external e-Infrastructures and research infrastructures on matters concerning the adoption, integration with and evolution of the technical solutions adopted by the EGI service portfolio.
  • The advice and report to the Executive Board and the Council.


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