Main objective

Focus of the Working Group will be driving the technical evolution of the EGI Federation in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).


To support this goal, the WG will carry out the following  activities

  • Perform a technology scouting to identify available technical solutions to create, use, deploy or share AI or ML solutions or applications;
  • Deal with user communities to gather requirements and recurrent use cases;
  • Identify gaps of the current solutions with a focus on those from the solution providers participating in the WG;
  • Discuss and plan enhancements for solution providers. 

AI and ML WG Composition

EGI is engaging different types of stakeholders to accomplish the objectives of this WG:

  • User communities: which will have a forum to present their requirements and use cases; 
  • Technical providers: which can benefit of direct contacts with large communities to drive the evolution of their services
  • EGI infrastructure providers: which can deploy the solutions delivered in the context of the WG.

Duration and outcome

The WG has a duration of one year (which can be extended) and its main activity is to assess for each AI and ML use case the best solution available and derive technical objectives in the planned timescale, taking into account the available resources.

Documents and resources

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Mandate and Terms of References

All Documents

  File Modified
PDF File AI and ML WG Mandate.pdf 2022 Jun 20 by Marco Rorro
PDF File AI and ML WG ToR.pdf 2022 Aug 17 by Marco Rorro


EGI Foundation

WG ChairMarco Rorro
TCB ChairDiego Scardaci
Service ownersVille Tenhunen
Service ownersElisa Cauhé

Representatives for AI or ML service providers

DEEP Training Facility, cochairÁlvaro López García

User communities

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