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VT Sound and Music Grid Computing VRC

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General Project Information

  • Leader: Steve Brewer,
  • Mailing List: - to be confirmed
  • Status: active
  • Start Date: TBC
  • End Date: TBC
  • Meetings: see dedicated page


EGI has an overall goal of bringing more users to the infrastructure, so having identified pockets of activity in the computational musicology, sound and music computing area it was proposed that we investigate how the collective or at least common needs of this community could best be met. This could encompass the following areas:

  • sound and music computing requiring distributed or large scale resources
  • computational musicology involving large scale data analysis
  • acoustic modelling and synthesis requiring intensive computation resources


The expected outputs of this project are:

  • the creation of an active Sound and Music Grid Computing (SMGC) Virtual Research Community (VRC) to discuss and identify infrastructure requirements from this community for EGI and to communicate the benefits of EGI back to this community
  • a collection of easily available resources and services on the infrastructure for researchers in this field


The following tasks will need to be undertaken in order to achieve this:

  1. creation of a mailing list and wiki page to coordinate information - done (16/12/2011)
  2. a kick-off meeting to bring interested parties together - Amsterdam, spring 2012 proposed
  3. a selection of proof of concept demonstrators of EGI-based research applications connecting grid, cloud and potentially HPC resources
  4. promote the existence of the SMGC VRC to encourage more researchers in this field to be aware of EGI as an infrastructure that can support their research.
  5. promote the activities of the group to raise the profile of work in this field
  6. elect a representative for this VRC who can represent the SMGC VRC on the EGI User Community Board and hence act as a communication channel between the two entities.

(see dedicated page)


  • Steve Brewer,, Amsterdam
  • Richard McLennan,, Amsterdam
  • Gergely Sipos,, Amsterdam
  • Domenico Vicinanza, DANTE, Cambridge
  • David De Roure, Oxford, (invited)
  • Vladimi Viro, LMU, Munich
  • Giuseppe La Rocca, INFN, IT
  • Daniele Cesini, INFN, IT
  • Roberto Barbera, INFN, IT
  • Simon Holland Open University, UK
  • Jesus Alvaro, Computer Music Lab,, Madrid, Spain


  • You can find out more about grid resources in your own country here
  • The Federated Clouds Task Force has a certain amount of resources available to enable the creation of proof of concept demonstrators
  • The EGI Applications Database can be used to store information about applications used by this community
  • The EGI Requirements Tracker can be used to log requests and suggestions for new resources and services needed by this community

In addition to specific resources listed above it will be worth capturing a map of the landscape of activity in this area. In addition to those researchers already using grid, cloud and HPC resources across Europe we should also capture the work of those using local clusters within their own institutions as such activity offers many opportunities for expansion once ported to the grid. It is worth saying at this point that, despite the name European Grid Infrastructure, EGI is not restricted to the Grid, we are able to provide the mechanisms and monitoring tools necessary to bring together various modes of distributed computing infrastructure from grid to cloud to HPC. In other words EGI represents a framework which can be utilised to bring people and resources together.

Here are some examples of activity in this area that has been identified to date. We welcome more suggestions and contributions:


  • Article written for the Winter EGI Newsletter - Music research and grid computing
  • So far only individuals identified as have an interest in this area have been contacted to gauge the market for such a VRC

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