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VT Liferay

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General Project Information

  • Leader: Martin Kuba (
  • Mailing List:
  • Meetings: See agendas in this Indico container:
  • Status: In progress
  • Start Date: April 2013
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Customer: EGI portal community (developers, operators and users of portals that interact with EGI services)


Web portals, and particularly Liferay based web portals, became the prime choice over the years within EGI when it comes to providing user friendly access to infrastructure services. GLite, Unicore, ARC and desktop grid resources, as well as some of the operational tools are now routinely used via Liferay portals. The first Liferay portals for EGI’s most recent platform, the Cloud Platform, are expected to become available in 2013. The open source Liferay framework also found to be useful by the community for the development of portlets that are portable across various portal frameworks. This mini-project would answer the question "how could Liferay contribute to the success and the sustainability of EGI even more through new, innovative scenarios enabled by the Liferay Social Office and Sync modules?". Based on the project findings the members will extend their Liferay portals with new capabilities outside of the project.


  • A systematic evaluation of Liferay Social Office and Sync


  • Best practices and recommendations for the EGI community (particularly for
  • Broader uptake of Liferay within EGI: NGIs, projects, institutes, ...
  • Updated EGI portals (by mini-project members)


  • Solution for VRC, VO, NGI, project websites?
  • Interoperability with EGI SSO?
  • Interoperability with AAI solutions? (e.g. eduGAIN, IDEM-GARR, Umbrella)
  • Interoperability with portlets from the community? (SCI-BUS and SHIWA portlets)
  • Interoperability with portlets from the community? (IGI portlets)
  • Interoperability and alternative to EGI Helpdesk?
  • Interoperability and alternative for AppDB?
  • Interoperability and alternative for Indico?
  • Interoperability and alternative for Wiki?
  • Interoperability and alternative for DocDB? (Liferay Sync module)
  • Interoperability and alternative for EGI Blog?




  • CESNET: mini-project coordinator, EGI central IT services
  • SZTAKI: SCI-BUS/SHIWA portal developers
  • INFN: IGI portal developers

Emerging Information


Progress Reporting

Progress reports are described in Weekly reporting.

Progress so far:

  • created document temlpate for deliverable
  • INFN
    • installed a Liferay instance and the social plugin
    • started to examine the normal behaviour of the social plugins
    • some discussions about future plans
    • installed a Liferay instance
    • examined interoperabiliy with EGI SSO
    • started evaluation for project web sites