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VT ESFRI Demonstrators

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General Project Information

  • Leader: Gergely Sipos,
  • Mailing List: not applicable
  • Status: TEMPLATE
  • Start Date: not applicable
  • End Date: not applicable
  • Meetings:


This page is the template of virtual team projects that aim to integrate ESFRI applications with EGI. Particular VTs can be instantiated from this template. Please consult with this page on how to initiate a new Virtual Team and contact for further information.

The goal of a virtual team that is established to build an ESFRI demonstrator is to show the integration of an ESFRI applications with EGI in collaboration with an ESFRI project. Such a virtual team would focus on one application and would perform the technical activities required by the application integration. The integrator project should conclude in ~6 months and should deliver a working demonstrator of the ESFRI application on EGI.


The project should deliver an application that is integrated into EGI, demonstrating how a particular community could benefit from EGI resources and services. The furtherdevelopment of the demonstrator into a production level service should be undertaken outside of the virtual team that delivers the demonstrator. It can happen for example in a new EC project or in other type of funded collaboration.


Perform the specific software development, integration, testing and documentation activities that are required to have an EGI-specific version of the given ESFRI application.


Will be specific to the given ESFRI application.