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User:Nunolf/VT/SG primer

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General Project Information

  • Leader: Peter Kacsuk, MTA SZTAKI
  • Mailing List:
  • Status: planned
  • Start Date: DD/05/2012
  • End Date: DD/MM/2012
  • Meetings:


Access to the EGI e-infrastructure is possible through a range of different service interfaces. Science gateways are an emerging interface for communities to engage more actively with the e-infrastructure by enabling community members to define and perform custom research scenarios.

An EGI science gateway is a community-specific set of tools, applications, and data collections that are integrated together via a web portal or a desktop application, providing access to resources and services from the European Grid Infrastructure. These gateways can support a variety of capabilities including workflows, virtualization software and hardware, visualization as well as resource discovery, job execution services, access to data collections, applications, and tools for data analysis.

The e-infrastructure underlying science gateways is quite complex, and hiding it from researchers is not a trivial undertaking. As more and more communities build science gateways, a set of best practices starts to emerge (policies, technical approaches, ...), and should be re-used by gateway enablers. This is the motto to have a 'Science gateway Primer'.


The expected output of this project is a comprehensive document, a primer for science gateway developers. These are just some ideas for the primer structure (to be refined later):

  • Building the gateway
    • Planning and design of gateways
    • Gateways characteristics
    • Enabling technologies
  • Connecting to EGI resources
    • VO Portal Policy
    • Job Submission mechanisms (robots, ...)
    • Data storage and file management
  • Operations and maintenance practices
    • Integration of web-based gateways in EGI SAM central instance
  • Sustainability

A list of established EGI policies is available in the Policies and procedures webpage. All relevant policies to the primer should be incorporated.


  • Agree and define primer structure -