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This wikipage is a working repository of information that may be useful to the Champions, particularly in their role when participating in external events where they seek to help potential and new users become active in the EGI community. Champions and other readers are encouraged to contribute with information and links so as to this page more useful.

Grid Certificates

Here is the clickable map of CAs for Europe which is useful when advising potential users on the procedures for gaining a grid Certificate.  Grid Certificats are dealt with on a national basis and so Champions can't  be authorised to fullfill any of the RA functions for EGI as a whole.  Nevertheless, Champions are in a good position to advise on the procedures to be followed to gain the Certificate.

Useful Presentation Material

Presentation slides that may be useful for Champions to include in their own presentations when addressing audiences who can benefit from the resources that are part of the EGI should be made available through this wiki section. Such slides may be provided by EGI staff or may have been created by Champions - in any case, they should be saved/accessed via the EGI DocDB.

EGI Promotional Information Sheets and Brochures

EGI has produced a range of information sheets, brochures and other publications for public viewing and these are normally made available in hard copy at events where we participate.
Such material is also available on line via the EGI website.
Champions can arrange to have packages of promotion material sent in advance to them in order to support their role at events where they will have the opportunity to 'champion the EGI case'.
Other useful information sheets can be found here: