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UMD releases status

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

Next UMD-3 releases

Ready to be released

Products which finished successfully the SR:

  • ARC 4.0.0
    • Verification done by product team, reduced the testing time.
  • BDII-TOP v. 1.1.4
  • BDII-CORE v. 1.5.5
  • CREAM-TORQUE 2.1.2
  • QCG-NTF v. 3.2.0
  • QCG-COMP v. 3.2.0
  • WMS v. 3.6.2

Updates from the product teams

This section is directly contributed by the product teams. Please, add under your section the scheduled releases with a short comment about the updates introduced and where they are going to be released (EMI repositories, EPEL, private repositories ecc), linking external pages with these information is ok, but please add at least the expected date of the next release. It is important to discuss, within the URT, changes that may affect directly or indirectly other products. The text will be copied into the agenda of the next URT meeting, PT will just need to check that all the information are up to date. Please, feel free to alter the template if it doesn't feet with your needs.


  • Release version x.y.z Expected: 2013-xx-yy
    • Main changes: (including other products affected)
    • Other information:


  • Release 13.11 version 4.0.0 released
    • Main changes: Major release, new BDB job storage, new infosys startup scripts, direct DQ2 support, improved WebDAV support, improved proxy handling
    • Other information: Currently in EPEL testing repo.


  • Release version w.k.j Expected on: 2013-xx-yy
    • Main changes: (including other products affected)
    • Other information:


  • dCache Release Schedule
    • Main changes: released dcache-srmclient 2.2.22 to EMI-2 and EMI-3
    • new Releases for UMD-2 dcache-server 2.2.17 and UMD-3 dcache-server 2.6.17 could be pulled from EMI
    • Other information:



  • Release version: 1.16.0 has been released to EPEL


  • Release version FTS3 (v3.1) is available in EPEL
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:


New release of the BDII that decommissions the FCR mechanism in the top BDII.

The update also defines a new default value for the cache validity in the top BDII that is 4 days.

New packages are available in EMI 2 and EMI 3 repositories. For more details:


  • Release version:
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:


  • Release version w.k.j Expected on: 2013-xx-yy
    • Main changes: (including other products affected)
    • Other information:



  • Release version:
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:


  • Release version:
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:


  • Release version:
    • Main changes:
    • Other information:

gLite- security

  • Release version w.k.j Expected on: 2013-xx-yy
    • Main changes: (including other products affected)
    • Other information:



  • Next release: Oct. 2013
    • STORM 1.11.3 (EMI 3)
    • Main changes:
      • Mainly WebDAV issues
    • Other information:




  • The RHEL/CentOS/SL update from version 6.4 to 6.5 caused problems for the globus gatekeeper:
  • The problem was caused by updating openssl from version 1.0.0 to version 1.0.1.
  • One globus package (globus-gssapi-gsi) was identified as behaving differently when compiled against openssl 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. (It is the only one that has a requires on when compiled against openssl 1.0.1)
  • Using a recompiled globus-gssapi-gsi package makes the globus-gatekeeper work again.
  • Packages in Fedora updates testing and EPEL testing, please provide feedback (karma)


  • Release version 3.2.0, Ready to be released
    • Main changes:
      • QCG-Broker
        • SHA2 certificates support
        • Improved support for parallel and multi-scale applications
        • Migration from CoG 1.8 to jGlobus2
        • Migration from Tomcat to Jetty servlet container
        • Support iRODS transfers
        • Support for http:// http:// transfers (stage-in only)
        • Advance reservation of nodes.
        • Bug fixes
      • QCG-Broker Client
        • SHA2 certificates support
        • Configurable columns in qcg-list and qcg-rlist commands
        • New qcg-resub command for resubmitting jobs
        • New "#QCG include" directive in simple description format
        • Full support for interactive tasks.
      • QCG-Computing
        • Performance optimization of the GetFactoryAttributes method
        • GPUSCount extension element in SLURM module
        • Bug fixes
      • QCG-Notification
        • New configuration option for disabling CurrentMessages (set to true in the default service config file)
        • Updated requirement for qcg-core to the version 3.2.0.
        • Move to the newer version of libxml2 (from 2.6.27 to 2.9.1).
        • Updated the database configuration script.
        • WorkingDirectory location changed to the $localstate/log/qcg/qcg-ntf directory (in the service config file).
        • Fix: removed a doubled database rollback.
        • Fix: repaired a memory leak related with not freeing the fault data.
        • Other minor corrections.
    • Other information:

Other topics

Decommission of UMD-2

Decommission calendar for UMD-2 services has been approved:

  • All UMD-2 components must be decommissioned or upgraded by the end of May 2014.

Product teams who support products in UMD-2 (e.g. EMI-2 products) which support calendar goes beyond the end of April 2014 should provide information about the calendar in the URT mailing list, and update the URT:UMD_products_ID_cards.

Changes in the UMD process for import of products

So far UMD processes resolved the dependencies in the EMI, IGE or QCG repositories to create the most complete product entries for the UMD framework.

Some product team moved permanently to EPEL, other product teams are still releasing to EMI but not as a main repository, in many cases for UMD is impossible to resolve the dependencies getting a reasonable set of libraries (e.g. without downloading the EPEL dependencies not under the PT responsibility).

UMD team has started at the end of last year to list directly the list of relevant RPMs that compose a product entry in the UMD release process. The rpm files are then downloaded with a direct wget into the UMD repositories.

Pros: RPMs or DEB can be downloaded from YAIM or Debian repositories but also from web sites with a wget easier to import into UMD repositories the products.

Cons: Since there is no check about the integrity of the dependencies in UMD until the products are tested for installation, it is important that product teams provide correct list of rpms once they want to submit their products to UMD. Also 32 bit libraries where available.



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