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UMD Core Components Verification List

Core Components Comments
APEL affecting CREAM
BDII core on all services, BDII top BDII site
caNl verify through the services using it: CREAM, GridSite, VOMS, WMS, WNoDeS
CREAM including BLAH, canl-java, gridsite-*, canl-c, globus
CREAM-<LRMS> modules verified together with CREAM
dCache server & dcap-*, srmclient together with UI
DMC clients together with UI & WN
gLExec-wn LCMAPS & family - inside services using it: WN, STORM (backend-server for LCMAPS), CREAM (lcmaps-plugins-verify-proxy, lcmaps-plugins-voms, lcas-plugins-basic, lcas-plugins-voms), STORM(-globus-gridftp with lcmaps-plugins-voms, lcas, lcas-plugins-basic, lcas-plugins-voms), WMS (lcmaps-plugins-voms, lcas-plugins-basic, lcas-plugins-voms)
GridSite together with the dependent services
gsoap-gss together with the dependent services
Globus with GridFTP, MyProxy, in services using it
L&B with gridsite-*, canl-c-*, globus
MPI low-priority, on CREAM
ProxyRenewal together with the dependent services
UI with all DMC, gridsite (libs) and canl-c-*, dcache-srmclient, lcg-info-clients
WN with all DMC, gridsite (libs) and canl-c-*, gLExec-wn
VOMS with VOMS-admin
WMS with gridsite-*, canl-c-*, globus