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UMD-1 UMD-1.5.1

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Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.

UMD 1.5.1 : Additional information for provided products

This release addresses an issue found when a sites uses uberftp 2.5 from EPEL repo, the new binary has a dependency with the new globus 5.2 libs and brakes UMD repo consistency. In UMD 1.5.1 we re-introduce an older version of uberftp that fixes this issue.

It was tested with all TP products available right now into UMD. Only 2 products are affected EMI-UI and EMI-WN, this ppa fixes this issue.

Each section that follows will be linked by the relevant sections provided in the EGI Software Repository for this release of UMD.


  • Additional Details: No issues found during EGI's Software Provisioning.
    • Detailed release notes: uberftp now is included into UMD repository due to globus 5.2 dependency problems with newer version (uberftp 2.5) provided by EPEL. This package was tested with all the current products provided by UMD, a complete report is available at docDB:
  • Installation Notes: No issues found during EGI's Software Provisioning.
  • Known Issues: No issues found during EGI's Software Provisioning.
  • Version:2.4.4