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Title Provide a synthetic name identifying the subject of the procedure document!
Document link Provide document url!
Last modified Provide last document version and date of modification!
Policy Group Acronym Provide the acronym of the group creating this procedure !
Policy Group Name Provide the name of the group creating this procedure !
Contact Group Provide contact information to the group responsible for the document! contact person should be nominal procedure owner
Document Status Provide status of the document! DRAFT(work in progress within the group) -> REVIEW( document under internal review managed by the group)-> APPROVED (document approved by the group)
Approved Date Provide date of the approval!
Procedure Statement Provide document statement (a short description)! a concise statement of the rationale for the policy or procedure, including if appropriate, reference to external regulations, further policy discussion, etc. Summary (one paragraph) clearly stating the important policy/procedure content
Owner Owner of procedure