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SPG:Drafts:LToS Service Scoped Security Policy

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About this document

This Policy and the Implementation Guidelines aim to enable a low-barrier Service to be offered to a wide range of research users in Europe and their collaborators world-wide, by any Resource Centre organisation that elects to do so. In offering such LToS Services, the Resource Centre shall not negatively affect the security or change the security risk of any other Resource Centre or any other part of the e-Infrastructure. In particular, security incidents originating in the LToS Service should not impact the IT Infrastructure in ways that are incompatible with the operational model of other, more tightly controlled, parts of the infrastructure. This document also provides guidelines on the implementation of security procedures and controls to facilitate offering of the Service by Resource Centres and Science Gateways. The Guidelines contain normative information on how to implement the Policy.

The Long Tail of Science Service (Pilot)

The goal of this activity is to evaluate possible technologies to implement a set of services to make easier for the users of the long tail of platform to access EGI resources. The services should be used both by the EGI central user support to support centrally new users who are approaching EGI, and by the NGIs who would reuse these services to serve their local users with their resources.

The service:

  • shall be provided by those Resource Centres and NGIs that contribute voluntaritly to this service (and before that: the pilot)
  • should have no negative (security or risk) impact on the other resource centres nor on any other NGI
  • has a technical implementation that is currently under discussion
  • aims for a short-term demonstrator in EGI-InSPIRE PY5, as a preparatory phase for scheduled activities in 2015 and beyond
LToS Pilot Wiki
background on the Long Tail of Science Plot
goals and task for the activity
presentation by Peter Solagna and Gergely Sipos on the LToS Activity

Document versions

draft version 04 


Security and Risk Considerations for the Long Tail of Science
presentation 1st LTOS meeting, October 16th
Request for Discussion
mail to the SPG list, November 11, 2014.