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Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.

This PoC will look into how EGI and GEANT can engage in evolving the AAI landscape in Europe.

A provisional timeframe for the PoC is 1Q 2014.

Participants are foreseen as follows:

  • SURFnet as a representative for GEANT
    • Niels van Dijk
    • Paul van Dijk
  • EGI.eu as coordinating body
    • Peter Solanga
  • EGI Resource Providers
    • FZ Juelich
    • CESNET
    • GRNET
  • WeNMR as User Community
    • Alexandre BOnvin
    • Marco Verlato (?)

Architectural scribbles

How VO and IdP compose the attribute set required by SPs
A security translation service capable of translating m:n security tokens configured to down-sample to only one type - certificates
The big picture: The role of IdPs, VOs (user community management), EGI and VO management as a service, integrating EGI and external service providers