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Assessment of progress in 2012

Completed Activities and Milestones

  • The APEL Accounting Repository and Portal were kept working reliably throughout 2012. The APEL Accounting Repository was taken out of service in February when the servers were all upgraded to Scientific Linux 5.
  • The new SSM-based APEL Accounting Repository was brought into service in June 2012 and by the end of 2012 there were two sites (CERN and NIKHEF) sending Job Records to this repository. There are also four other publishers (OSG/Gratia, INFN/DGAS, NDGF/SGAS and Switzerland/SGAS) which have migrated to sending Summary Records (for 97 sites) to the new APEL Accounting Repository. These records are integrated with the summaries from the old Accounting Repository which are updated daily and retrieved by The Accounting Portal. This has established a stable method for other accounting implementations to interface their different solutions with central accounting.
  • Other sites producing accounting data requested a change to the messaging protocol used in SSM 1.2 and a new accounting protocol was produced in collaboration with these teams which has been implemented as SSM 2.0.
  • The SSM and associated record loading/unloading methods created for publishing CPU accounting records were modified to collect new types of accounting record, including storage and cloud accounting records. Eight resource providers participating in the EGI Federated Cloud Task now publish cloud accounting records using this method. The storage accounting database has been installed and initial testing carried out to receive storage records. A new Application Accounting package is also under development in Hannover and the same method will be used to send/receive application accounting records.

Milestones not accomplished

  • Regional APEL Server work was delayed while the SSM protocol was revised (to be used in Regional APEL server). It will be released in 2013.

Plans for 2013


  • A new EMI-APEL client will be released as part of EMI 3. This will use SSM 2.0 for communication between clients and the APEL Accounting Repository and includes support for local jobs and MPI accounting. Data from the new EMI-APEL client will be stored in the new APEL Accounting Repository which uses the EGI Message Brokers to receive data and to send summaries on to the Accounting Portal. The two APEL Accounting systems will run in parallel with one set of daily summaries retrieved by the Accounting Portal.
  • Final external APEL client migrated to the new SSM based accounting repository.
  • A regional version of the APEL Accounting Repository will be released for testing.
  • Federated Cloud Accounting - new version using SSM 2.0 implemented and summary data sent to Accounting Portal.
  • Storage Accounting - new test version implemented using SSM 2.0.


  • Work with sites running SSM 1.2 for CPU Accounting to migrate them to SSM 2.0
  • Release Regional APEL server


  • Historical external APEL data migrated to new repository.
  • Application Accounting repository installed for testing.


  • Implement publishing summaries from Accounting Repository to other sites (OSG, DGAS).

Throughout 2013:

  • Work with APEL client sites to migrate them to running EMI APEL 3.
  • Work will continue with sites running alternative accounting clients who will use SSM to send their records to the Accounting Repositories.