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EGI-InSPIRE:Plan 2012 SA1.7

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Assessment of progress, 2011

Grid Oversight

COD and OLA. What is the CODs role? We percieve the COD to be the guardians of the OLA.

New middlewares in EGI. Does it have an impact on the support model? The answer to this question is that it does not really change anything.

Operations support metrics. How can we use this to improve ROD awareness of their performance. We have expended that set of operations support metrics and follow them up with the RODs that have poor performance statistics.

Definition of operational procedures We have contributed to various procedures of the last year.

COD in OTAG The COD is represented in the OTAG.

ROD newsletter We have published one almost every month.

ROC NGI transition Almost completed.

Improving A/R followup In progress. See plans below

Continuously underperforming NGIs In progress. See plans below

Including test resources in the infrastructure In progress. See plans below.

Network Support

MILESTONE-1: Workflow for handling network-related tickets in GGUS implemented and operational, procedures understood and shared, known. Fully Achieved. There is a workflow in place for the GGUS Network Support Unit. ( Achieved 100 %).

MILESTONE-2: HINTS system up and running, volunteering sites enrolled, pilot phase on-going Fully Achieved : the main server is up and running, pilot sites are using it. ( Achieved 100 %).

MILESTONE-3: HINTS system in production mode, community of sites extended to the whole community of EGI sites willing to join. Partially Achived: some developments are still on going, to consolidate the system and procude ia64 architecture based HINTS probes. ( Achieved 20 % ).

MILESTONE-4: Installation-CD ready and available to the EGI sites for performing measurements and archiving data Achieved, although currently no further support for this task ( Achieved 100 %).

MILESTONE-5: Graphical User interface developed and available, complementing the tool provided functionality Not Achieved : due to lack of manpower, this development thread has been suspended ( Not Achieved )

MILESTONE-6: Periodic reports from the GN3 PerfSONAR community to the EGI Network Support written and distributed. Achieved - although the reports have been mada by means of slides presented at the EGI Net Sup Workshops - and not single DOC or PDF files. ( Achieved 100 %).

MILESTONE-7: Improved NetJobs GUI available Not Achieved : The GUI of the NetJobs tool did not improve : an upgrade has been made to some components to elimiate (Not Achieved)

MILESTONE-8: NetJobs in production mode, new sites enrolled, improved capacity measurements. Not Achieved : no new sites have been enrolled, interest for the tool overall quite low expressed by sites. (Not Achieved)

MILESTONE-9: All approved and used Network Support tools documented Partially Achieved : some documentation has been made available for HINTS, but it is not enough. Documentation for perfSONAR MDM is available ( Achieved 30 %).

MILESTONE-10: GUIs integrated in the operations portal or at least linked by it Not Achieved : This work did not even start mostly due to lack of manpower/resources. ( Not Achieved)

MILESTONE-11: Questionnaire produced and circulated to the NRENs, answers gathered, outcome provided to the EGI/EGI-Inspire Operations community Not Achieved : a general questionare devoted to the NRENs-NGIs interaction was never produced; the emphasis moved to IPv6: a general Survey on it has been organized. (Not Achieved)

Plans for 2012


Review of TPM global service: performance, level of staffing to really address 1st level support tickets, duties

Grid Oversight

Unknow status issue. In 2012 we want to solve the unknown status issue. This issue renders the computation of the availability and reliability of sites to inaccurate for some sites and/or NGIs. We consider this to be our highest priority.

OLA enforcement ROD teams. Improve the enforcement of the OLA when it comes to ROD teams. We will collect ROD metrics and follow them up with our RODs.

A/R followup. We will improve the procedure for A/R followup to make it more efficient, effective and less time consuming. One example of this is the implementation of the A/R nagios probe in 2012.

ROD education. This topic is related to the one above. We will monitor the performance of our RODs. When we observe that RODs are not performing well because of a lack of knowledge, we will guide them.

test resources. We will take a look on how to include test resources in the infrastructure. Sites need guide lines on how to include test resources in the infratsructure so that it does not hinder users and it does not generate alarms or adversely affect the availability and reliability of sites.

Network Support

With respect to last year's workplan, some changes have occurred: the support for DownCollector and NetJobs is lacking of manpower and resources, only HINTS and PerfSONAR MDM are tools with a proper support team, provided by FranceGrille and GEANT3/DANTE respectively. A new important thread of work related to IPv6 has started-clearly impacting on 2012's plans for EGI Network Support, and involving collaboration with HEPiX IPv6 WG/WLCG and EGI Inspire JRA1.

MILESTONE 2012-1 EGI IPv6 Testbed in place and start being operational for middleware core services testing

MILESTONE 2012-2 Report on the testing activities and their outcome produced and made available to the Net Sup community, Tech Providers, Operations, JRA1

MILESTONE 2012-3 IPv6 Testbed support for JRA1 - Operational tests

MILESTONE 2012-4 HINTS ia64 arch probe available

MILESTONE 2012-5 Update from the perfSONAR MDM community presented at the EGI Network Support