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PDT Reports

Blog Articles


EGI-InSPIRE documents

Report describing how the other DCI projects will interact with each other and the expected relationships between the projects.

An overview of the relevant standards activity taking place in the EGI environment, both internally within the operational tools and described in the UMD roadmap through its external software providers.

Identifying the management and policy groups within EGI and external to it that EGI interacts with. Record the purpose of each group, who in EGI is involved in it and the designated contact points

Report detailing the composition and ters of reference of the internal EGI.eu groups relating to Technology, Operations, User Community and Policy Organisational

Comprehensive review of website and update of content where required. This will be in addition to the incremental updates that take place normally

The EGI Consortium is recognised as a member of EUGridPMA (and through it become part of IGTF)

Document describing the processes used by the SPG within EGI to agree on security policies with its stakeholders

Lead Beneficiary: CNRS Due: M8

Report analysing the opportunities provided by ERIC to EGI