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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
QR 10 NGI_UK STFC Denise Small and Claire Devereux



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
12/9/12 Oxford, UK Sustainability of Core UK e-Infrastructure 26 The workshop contained presentations on the Cores Services for UK e-Infrastructure and a discussion session surrounding business models for their sustainability. Demos of some tools including the Training Marketplace were also held.
8-12/8/2012 Abingdon Using e-Infrastructures for Research 29 Summer School:


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
29-30/8/2012 Panama City TAGPMA Meeting 1 Representing interests of EGI and WLCG:
4-6/9/2012 Karlsruhe Operational Tools Sustainability 3
6-7/9/2012 Utrecht TERENA VAMP Meeting 1 2 presentations on FIM4R activity
10-12/9/2012 Lyon EUGridPMA Meeting 1
17-21/9/2012 Prague EGI Technical Forum 10 Multiple workshops and presentations, including accounting, GOCDB, GLUE2, Info Discovery,..
17-18/10/2012 CERN Atlas Software and Computing Workshop 2
26-27/9/2012 Oxford GridPP29 10 GridPP Collaboration
14-18/10/2012 Shonan, Japan 1 Grid and Cloud Security
15-19/10/2012 Beijing, China 3 HEPiX Fall Meeting


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2.1. Progress Summary

The UK NGI has moved NGI_IE VOs into its VOMS framework in preparation for the withdrawal of NGI_IE from EGI InSPIRE at the end of 2012. The VOMS servers and their operation has moved from the Manchester Research Computing group to the Manchester Physics team, although its staffing remains the same. The UK is hosting the EGI Community Forum 2013 and is busy making preparations for a successful meeting, including getting co-located meetings and workshops signed up.

2.2. Main Achievements

Glasgow - Further development of the IPv6 test cluster. Integration of test cluster into production test environment. Co-ordinated gLite 3.1 service updating. Also update the WMS setup, increasing VO support and additional hardware to handle higher loads. Worker node migration is the next big step to take. Some sites have moved and we are examining the outcomes, so that the NGI makes a phased transition. NA62 VO reached commenced production campaigns, which is a noteworthy milestone.

Imperial College - We have been busy getting rid of all our Glite nodes, including the CE's, APEL host and the two top-BDII's and repacing them with EMI versions. We have submitted two EMI-1 CREAM CE, two EMI-2 CREAM CE and one EMI WMS staged-rollout reports. We have been contributing to the ROD rota. We have continued to maintain and develop the 'state of the nation' web-pages ( tracking the roll out of EMI services in the UK.

University of Manchester - Robert Frank joined the group at the start of September from the University of Manchester NGS team, and has been updating the GridPP/NGS VOMS system as it transitions to being a GridPP responsibility again. He has co-ordinated this with VOMS backup installations being set up at other GridPP sites (Oxford and Imperial).

Manchester is a member of the WLCG middleware deployment and perfsonar deployment coordination task forces. After installing the perfsonar machines at this site help was given to other 3 sites installing theirs. Helped debug UK connections with FZK. Manchester staff are coordinating the transition of sites to EMI-2 on the atlas side coordinating with GridPP operations.

A lot of site support was delivered to helkp the migration from glite. Not all sites met the target of the end of October but the situation is under control.

Perfsonar has been rolled to most sites (all planned).

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
T2 Scotgrid Power/cooling Problems Specific issues to be dealt with at affected sites -
T2 London Glexec tarball EMI WN awaiting a tarball -
T2 London Problem interacting with dcache SE to be worked on -