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EGI-InSPIRE:NSRW feedback Milos and Ales

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We agree with the general concept, and we didn't find major implementation obstacles. Specific comments are bellow.

Interface on RT

For security reasons we don't want to let external entities (both GGUS and repository) to act on RT web-service interface directly, it would yield potentially dangerous privilege escalation.

Therefore we suggest to provide a custom, simple WS interface on top of RT, which will allow only operations required for the workflow.

WSDL of this interface to be defined.

Robustness of RT-Repository communication

The communication between RT and the Repository is sensitive to network outages (if the link is down when RepoAction is changed, the action is lost, and vice versa with RepoStatus updates).

We have a piece of code, a branch of one component in glite-LB, which can queue a WS call reliably (on disk) and it retries automatically as long as it succeeds. We can cosider deploying it for this purpose.

Integration with GGUS

We understand the top-level motivation -- let GGUS be the only interface the SW provider interacts with EGI. However, there are some drawbacks:

  • submission of a software release is still quite distinct operation w.r.t. handling a problem -- the latter should go via GGUS obviously, the former can be implemented with a separate interface as well
  • the generic RT-GGUS interface cannot handle custom fields, and we have to do so in this case
  • security issues -- how the providers are authenticated, and where the authorization information (who is allowed to submit a release of component X) is kept?
  • provision of the metadata via the XML file is quite fine if one has such file,however, it would be rather annoying and error prone to create such a file manually. A custom web interface (as an alternative) would be useful.

Therefore we still suggest considering a dedicated interface for the software submission rather than tweaking GGUS for this purpose. Pros and contras have to be evaluated quite carefully in this case.