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NGI International Task Review MS109 Poland

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This page contains the assessment of the NGI International Task at year 1 of the EGI-InSPIRE project (one page per NGI). The NGI representatives are required to fill the tables according to the required information. The content will be integral part of the EGI-InSPIRE milestone MS109 "NGI International Task Review"

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User Services

Human Services (Table 1)

Table 1: NGI Assessment: User Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA3.3N U-N-3 U-N-13 Requirements Gathering Users' requirements are mainly gathered during contacts with local communities. So far the required features were implemented in Polish NGI only. 3 Contacs with broad communities are needed, not just local ones.
NA3.3N U-N-14 U-N-15 Application Database List of scientific software packages available for Polish NGI Users have been registered in AppDB. However, since their number changes in time AppDB needs to be updated periodically. 4 More frequent AppDB updates are needed, coming just after scientific software installation.
NA3.3N U-N-16 U-N-17 Training Trainings are organised mainly on request. In addition NGI provides e-trainings via Blackboard system for all interested users. 3 Scheduled trainings are planned. The available material needs to be enriched by short movies explaining certain aspects of infrastructure utilisation.
NA3.3N U-N-12 U-N-18 U-N-19 Consultancy Consultancy is provided via Helpdesk system. It is the most convenient (for both users and experts) way of serving help. Majority of issues is solved within less than 12 hours since incident appearance. 5 Other channels of contacts with users are considered and currently tested: jabber, forums

Operations Services

Human Services (Table 2)

Table 2: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.4N O-N-9 Requirements Gathering 14 items were filed in recent SA1 call for EMI-1 and EMI-2 requirements, the SA1 survey was successfully completed. So we consider the activity as performing at acceptable level, however we see areas that could be improved. 3 It proved to be difficult to find people who has enough level of expertise to be able to reply to the call at the NGI level. Often people are focused on some individual tasks and do not have a wider scope expertise to answer some questions, a kind of council who could decide on the strategic things could be more efficient.
SA1.1N O-N-9 Operations Coordination Polish NGI takes advantage of PL-Grid project running in parallel where all operations issues are announced and discussed bi-weekly. Issues and problems requiring more timely responses are coordinated by the Regional Technical Support team via instant communication and other means. We consider this activity as well shaped and efficient. 3 Sometimes it happens that no single reply is given. Some more attention to the reason for "no feedback" cases could be paid.
SA1.2N O-N-9 Security The activity is responsible for oversight of sites in terms of security issues as well to inform sites in case there is a security vulnerability found. All cases for security vulnerabilities were properly propagated to Polish sites and appropriate corrective action was performed. 3 write here

Infrastructure Services (Table 3)

Table 3: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Infrastructure Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.3N O-N-9 Software Rollout The activity makes sure the sites are following the software release update cycles. All NGI_PL sites had no issues related to installed gLite version. 3 write here
SA1.4N O-N-3 Monitoring The activity is well organized as it joins together stability and flexibility. Two monitoring boxes are kept within NGI_PL - one for monitoring of OPS VO services and the other one for monitoring services which is the VO used by Polish scientists. The set probes was extended to improve WMS monitoring as well as to integrate UNICORE probes. The extra tests are shown on Operations Dashboard for operators. Both machines are regularly updated as requested by the project and we observed no significant interruptions in their work. 5 write here
SA1.5N O-N-2 Accounting The activity was busy with migration from R-GMA to Active MQ APEL. All Polish sites finished migration well in advance before the deadline. Polish sites are regularily checked for completeness of accounting data published to central repository and republication follows if necessary. 4 write here
SA1.4N O-N-1 O-N-4 Configuration Repository and Operations Portal The activity analysed possibility to install configuration repository in NGI_PL but it was found out that there is no added value for that. The reason is that there is no synchronisation of data between central and regional instances implemented. Moreover extending the database schema for new attributes seems problematic as it requires modification of web interface, access rights management based on user roles and changing the database schema. There is no guarantee that locally made changes will survive the software update cycle. NGI_PL is happy with using central Operations Portal, we do not see much added value of having own Operations Portal when the central instance provides present level of configuration flexibility. 4 write here
SA1.6N SA1.7N O-N-6 O-N-7 Helpdesk The activity allows smooth ticket flow between EGI and NGI_PL. The ticket exchange interface between national and global systems as well the regional tool works without any problems. Procedures and teams for handling tickets proved to be well crafted as no tickets stay too long in the system. 5 We do not identify areas requiring improvements here.
SA1.8N O-N-5 O-N-8 Core Services NGI_PL core services are established in enough amount and at enough availability level. However, there were some issues found about WMSes which were reported as unstable. Suitable monitoring was put in place to avoid this problem. gLite UI machines are considered as core services as well. NGI_PL works towards establishing monitoring of these. 5 We do not identify areas requiring improvements here.

Other (Table 4)

Table 4: NGI Assessment: Other
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA2.3N Policy Development Compliance of NGI procedures with reccomendations from EGI have been checked only partially. There have been discovered procedures in Polish NGI, however which could be applied by other NGI's. For example procedure for provision of unified access to software packages. 3 Confirmation of all NGI procedures with EGI reccomendations needs to be performed as well as discovery of the possibility to apply Polish NGI procedures by other NGIs.
NA2.2N E-N-2 Dissemination Disseminating activities are performed on conferences (grid and science disciplines related) and workshops. Disseminating materials are also distributed during meetings with the community and during occasional appearances. 4 Better visibility during scientific conferences is necessarily.