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NGI International Task Review MS109 Greece

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This page contains the assessment of the NGI International Task at year 1 of the EGI-InSPIRE project (one page per NGI). The NGI representatives are required to fill the tables according to the required information. The content will be integral part of the EGI-InSPIRE milestone MS109 "NGI International Task Review"

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User Services

Human Services (Table 1)

Table 1: NGI Assessment: User Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA3.3N U-N-3 U-N-13 Requirements Gathering In order to gather users' requirements a mailing list with all the registered to HellasGrid users is used. Also there is a plan to make a survey using on-line questionnaire in order to gather users' requirements and their assessment regarding the use of HellasGrid and EGI infrastructure in general. 3 In order to gather the real requirements of the users' more formal means of communication are preferable (for example an on-line survey). Also the questions of the surveys must be as simple as possible, without make the user to be confused with a lot of technical terminology (for example do you need any more the LCG-CE service?)
NA3.3N U-N-14 U-N-15 Application Database Till now 9 applications from HellasGrid has been registered to EGI AppDB. 4 Better dissemination of the AppDB to users.
NA3.3N U-N-16 U-N-17 Training NGI GRNET does not offer training services in the context of EGI-InSPIRE project N/A N/A
NA3.3N U-N-12 U-N-18 U-N-19 Consultancy Consultancy is provided via helpdesk where two mailing lists (user-support and application-support) are used for direct communication of the users with the two main user support teams of HellasGrid. A request tracking system is also used for the better tracking of all users-related issues arised. 4 By constructing updated user-oriented material (cookbooks, user guides, screencasts, etc) concerning mainly issues introduced by decomission of old services and gradual transition to new ones (for example transition from LCG-CE to Cream CE).

Operations Services

Human Services (Table 2)

Table 2: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Human Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.4N O-N-9 Requirements Gathering Dedicated technical mailing lists and bi-weekly technical are used for gathering of requirements 4 Provide additional information ahead of the survey, plan ahead for the next ones and provide well structured and detailed surveys
SA1.1N O-N-9 Operations Coordination Coordination is mainly provided by bi-weekly operation meetings and is followed up by the NGI_GRNETs help-desk and technical mailing lists. 4 A steady flow of information coming from and the Technology providers is needed in order to improve this service.
SA1.2N O-N-9 Security Security officers are well trained and organized, with fast response to security issues. 5 No Improvement necessary the Security Team is more than adequate for the job.

Infrastructure Services (Table 3)

Table 3: NGI Assessment: Operations Services >> Infrastructure Services
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
SA1.3N O-N-9 Software Rollout Software Rollout is handled with caution so that we do not affect the user of our infrastructure, GR-11-Upatras and HG-03-AUTH sites participate as early adopters and provide vital inside information on the next software rollouts. 4 We would appreciate a public roadmap for then next major software-rollouts.
SA1.4N O-N-3 Monitoring National and Regional Nagios box was run successfully for monitoring purposes. Additionally we run national operations portal to handle alarms. 4 Stable and scalable versions of the regional /national operations Portal are pre-requisite to improve this service
SA1.5N O-N-2 Accounting We use both the EGI central accounting service and a national one based on HLR Mon 3 We would like to be able to extract User DNs for regional VOs such as the SEE vo in order to correlate them with our User Registration database to provide Usage per-discipline for National purposes.
SA1.4N O-N-1 O-N-4 Configuration Repository and Operations Portal GOCDB is used as a configuration database. 4 GOCDB 4 appears to be rather slow and cumbersome to schedule a downtime for a whole site, we would appreciate therefore some improvements in this area.
SA1.6N SA1.7N O-N-6 O-N-7 Helpdesk NGI_GRNETs help-desk is based on Resource Tracker and is integrated with GGUS through Web-services providing a stable and reliable service. 5 No Improvement necessary
SA1.8N O-N-5 O-N-8 Core Services NGI_GRNEThas successfully deployed all core Grid services (3 sets of Top_BDII and WMS-LB with a failover round robin dns mechanism controlled by Nagios Tests, VOMS, FTS, and LFC service instances). NGI_GRNET also runs its national CA (HellasGRID CA). NGI_GRNET core services are used at international level by many of NGIs within Europe. 5 No Improvement necessary

Other (Table 4)

Table 4: NGI Assessment: Other
EGI-InSPIRE EGI_DS Name Assessment Score How to Improve
NA2.3N Policy Development NGI_GRNET and AUTH Lead the OLA group and actively participate as much as possible to other policy groups 4 Contribute more information to the best practices task force.
NA2.2N E-N-2 Dissemination We run a National Web site which is rather outdated but it is planed to be improved. Our dissemination efforts however are about to be improved in order to offer a better service to out users. 3 Launch new and updated web-site with information for both existing and new-users that wish to start using the grid.