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EGI members (NGIs and EIROs) as well as EGI partner states/regions delegate International Liaisons to EGI. These International Laisions (NILs) have a key networking role in the EGI community. NILs work together with the EGI Foundation and with each other to link non-operational activities from their own country/institute/region with the rest of the EGI community. One of the most important of these non-operational activities is Engagement with new communities. With the NIL acting as a spearhead, each country (or EIRO or region) is able to connect its non-operational activities to the European landscape, and receive information on how the European landscape evolves. NILs demonstrate the added value of the country to new communities and to other NGIs. NILs connect the following activities from the national level to the European level (NILs don't necessarily perform these activities, but are connected to the people who do within the local NGI):

EGI defines and implements its Engagement Plan with the help of the NILs.

The NIL role and about their coordination within EGI

Resources for the NILs - To be successful in reaching out and supporting new communities

List of NILs

Name, Country, Institute, Email:

Confirmed contacts to handle EGI Service Orders

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