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NGI CZ:VO ELI First Steps

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VO - First steps

Get a personal certificate

This step varies according your country. In the Czech Republic, contact CESNET Certification Authority.

Register to the VO

Load your certificate into your browser (it may be already loaded, CA may generate your certifikacate directly to your browser) and go to registration pages.Fill required fields and submit. When your registation is accepted by a VO manager, perun system will propagate your membership to VOMS servers and will create local accounts on User Interfaces and Your email will also be added to a mailing list of VO users.

Login to User Interface

When you get a confirmation email, you may log in to prepared UI. You can use either or There may be a short delay before an account is created, contact us if your login still does not work in 30 minutes.

Get a proxy

Copy your personal certificate to the UI. If you have exported it from your browser, it is in the PKCS12 format (extension .p12 or .pfx). You must convert it to PEM format. It is done in 2 steps, one for the certificate, one for the key:

openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -in my_cert.p12 -out userkey.pem
openssl pkcs12 -clcerts -nokeys -in my_cert.p12 -out usercert.pem

where my_cert.p12 is the input PKCS12 format file, userkey.pem is the output private key file and usercert.pem is the output PEM certificate file. Move these two files in $HOME/.globus directory and set read access permissions for only the owner: 

chmod 400 userkey.pem
chmod 400 usercert.pem

To get your voms proxy, issue command: 

voms-proxy-init -voms

and verify your proxy using:

voms-proxy-info -all

Links to general documentation

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