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MPI Services

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This page introduces the support for MPI on the EGI infrastructure.

Application Developers

The MPI User Guide describes how to discover which sites support your preferred MPI implementation and how to execute your jobs in the infrastructure. Most common implementations on the infrastructure are Open MPI and MPICH-2, both supporting the MPI-2 standard. Take into account that binaries might not be executable on the resources (different OS and MPI libraries versions might be installed), so you might need to compile your application on the resources. The MPI User Guide also includes information on this.

If you find problems related to the MPI support in the infrastructure, use GGUS where a dedicated support unit is available for MPI related issues.

Resource Providers

Resource providers willing to support MPI check MAN03_MPI-Start_Installation_and_Configuration for documentation on the installation and configuration of the packages.

The MPI support unit in GGUS can help to resolve any issues found at your site with MPI.