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1. Critical Issues

2. Major work done during the past week by task

2.1 TJRA2.1 SAM

2.2 TJRA2.2 Accounting

2.2.1 Accounting Repository

2.2.2 Accounting Portal

  • P4U accounting
  • Fedcloud accounting
  • VO mapping fixes
  • InterNGI userDN mapping fixes
  • Tests portal rewrite
  • Refactoring
  • Security fixes

2.3 TJRA2.3 AppDB

  • Task A10: Site, Project, Organizations entities: The AppDB fetch all the Project and Organization entries exposed by the OpenAIRE.

    The AppDB users are able to create relations such as:
        * software and Projects/Organizations
        * vAppliances and Projects/Organizations
        * person profiles and Projects/Organizations
This task has been finalized

  • Task A14c: Cross-references [RT#4955]: based on our workplan, we are working on creating cross references between:

    * two SW items
    * SW item an vAppliance
    * two vAppliances
This task will be finalized by the end of the week.

  • Task -: Portal performance tuning and bug fixing.

    * a couple of actions, in terms of bug fixes and enhancements, have been applied in order to improve the performance of the portal.

Next in the queue:

  • Task A14.g: Permalink - custom lists of software [RT#5826]

    * will cover custom list of vAppliances as well as software items.
Starting date: 13/10/2014 - duration 2 person weeks

  • Task A12: VMCaster related developments

Starting date: 20/10/2014 - duration 2 person weeks

2.4 TJRA2.4 e-GRANT

  • developing functionality of placing prices in pools for PFU
  • work on integration with GOCDB to import prices to e-GRANT

3. Next Meetings