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EGI-InSPIRE:Jra2 2014-06-25

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1. Critical Issues

  • Nothing new to report

2. Major work done during the past week by task

2.1 TJRA2.1 SAM

  • Support for weight factors has been merged and deployed on the development instance
  • Started working on moving the standalone prefiltering code to Hadoop
  • Preliminary work on the status storage
  • Investigation whether the consumer component can support multiple writers
  • Ongoing migration to the latest version of Lavoisier.
  • Deployment of devel Lavoisier instance

2.2 TJRA2.2 Accounting

2.2.1 Accounting Repository

  • No report received

2.2.2 Accounting Portal

  • No report received

2.3 TJRA2.3 AppDB

  • Nagios probe for checking the has been developed and send to Emir.
  • eduGAIN support offered by the appdb-dev instance (see here). Production instance within the week (its not up to our team sto speed up things)
  • Metadata for AppDB production instance SPs:
  • Metadata for AppDB development instance SPs:
  • VO notification mechanism has been pushed into production. Usage guide here.
  • Enhanced SW series/releases editing.

also please see the changelog here.

2.4 TJRA2.4 e-GRANT

  • development work on requesting for FedCloud resources

3. Next Meetings

  • JRA2 monthly meeting: 27th June 10:00-12:30 CEST