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EGI-InSPIRE:Jra2 2014-06-04

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1. Critical Issues

  • Nothing new to report

2. Major work done during the past week by task

2.1 TJRA2.1 SAM

  • No report received

2.2 TJRA2.2 Accounting

2.2.1 Accounting Repository

  • No report received

2.2.2 Accounting Portal

  • No report received

2.3 TJRA2.3 AppDB

  • Monitoring the AppDB::Cloud Markeplace: a special VA has been registered ( that gets updated every hour. A nagios probe will be implemented that checks the produced VA image list creation date
  • VO Notification: we are working on the VO notification mechanism, according which, the user will be able to notify one or more VOs for his newly registered VA in order to be included/endorsed into the VO-wide image list. In case of update of an already endorsed VA by one or more VOs, the VOs in respect will be notified automaticaly.
  • investigation on ELIXIR project support
  • discussion with Owne Synge about vmcaster/vmcatcher open items:

    - vmcaster: default expiration date
    - vmcatcher: new images in an image lists that RP has also subscribed
    - vmcaster: switch for not using x509 certs
    - vmatcher: does the vmcatcher script retrieves the Personal Access Token (PAT) from the db?
    - vmatcher: enrich the db metadata (mpuri in separate db field? + json output)

2.4 TJRA2.4 e-GRANT

  • analysis of possibility to use e-GRANT as tool for pay-per-use
  • analysis of feature needed for implementation of requesting for FedCloud resources
  • analysis of feature needed for implementation of pool management for FedCloud resources
  • improvement of notifications 
  • implementation of "approximate" pool matching 

3. Next Meetings

  • AppDB PY5 roadmap: 11th June
  • JRA2 monthly meeting: 27th June