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EGI-InSPIRE:Jra1 2013-06-25

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EGI Inspire Main page

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1. Progress on Milestones Deliverables

  • MS710 - Operational Tools Roadmap

Final version available at:

  • D7.3 - Annual Report on Operational Tool maintenance and development activity

Final version available at:

2. Critical Issues

  • Nothing new to report

3. Major work done during the past week by task

3.1 TJRA1.1

  • Preparation for the review
  • EGI-InSPIRE review

3.2 TJRA1.2 TJRA1.3 TJRA1.5

3.2.1 SAM

  • Validation of SAM Update 22
  • SAM Update 22 installed in
  • SAM Update 22 testing release has been announced (call for volunteers willing to test it before it enters SR)

3.2.2 GOCDB

  • Ops support (added NGI_ZA, updated GGUS 93966, updated wiki accordingly)
  • v5 development - updated downtimes so they are linked to service endpoints rather than service.
  • Added initial support for scoping entities with many scope tags (part of mini-project)
  • Attended OMB

3.2.3 GGUS

  • Ticket monitoring
  • Weekly shopping list phone meeting
  • Preparing next release and implementing feature requests
  • Prepared slides for the URT meeting on 2013-06-24

3.2.4 Ops Portal

  • Finalization of the VO / Vo Admin Module in the new framework
  • Study of the refactoring of the dashboard

3.2.5 Accounting Portal

  • Nothing new to report

3.2.6 Metrics Portal

  • Nothing new to report

3.3 TJRA1.4 (Accounting for new resource types)

  • A new version of the APEL client and server code has been produced, in response to a security request,
  • The code for the dbunloader is currently being worked on to provide enhancements to the Regional APEL Server, these updates will be tested during the next 2 weeks. Enhancements are:

1) Sites can include and exclude certain sites in publishing to the central server, as well as including/excluding VOs. 2) Additional functionality so that a server can publish the same summaries to several receiving SSMs (this is in response to the requests from OSG/DGAS for summaries to be sent back to them as well as being published to the Accounting Portal. 3) Improved error handling.

  • Creating test environment and testing code changes to implement the User Data Retention Policy for CPU Accounting from 1st July.
  • Cloud Accounting - the remaining sites publishing using the SSM 1.2 test server have been contacted again, with details of the migration procedure. The majority of Cloud Resource Providers now publish to the SSM 2.0 test server and their data is summarised twice per day and sent on to the test Cloud Accounting Portal.
  • Application Accounting: working on a test setup.

4. Next Meetings

  • Next JRA1 meeting: TBD (July)