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EGI-InSPIRE:Jra1 2013-03-05

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1. Progress on Milestones Deliverables

MS710 - Operational Tools Roadmap

An updated version of the document satisfying reviewers’ comments has been uploaded in the document server:

D7.3 - Annual Report on Operational Tool maintenance and development activity

TOC available on the document server:

The first draft will be available by this week.

2. Critical Issues

1) TJRA1.4: the task is still under-reporting after QR11: 54% Worked PM/Committed PM (49% in QR10).

Until now, according to the users requirements received, TJRA1.4 concentrated its effort on:

- Accounting of Cloud resources

- Accounting of Storage resources

Moreover a first prototype for the Accounting of application usage has been developed.

According to the DoW (see page 88) other two activities should be performed by TJRA1.4 by the end of the project:

- Billing: integrate a billing function onto the accounting repository enabling different resource usage to be accounted for and a bill generated.

- Accounting of data usage: account the number of access for pricing or auding reasons.

About these activities we would like to know the AMB opinion on the following points:

- If both the activities are still considered important requirements to be satisfied.

- For the billing: we need as input the definition of the billing function. Moreover we should identify who is in charge of to define this function (PMB? AMB? Policies Group?)

- For the accounting of data usage: we need a clear requirement coming from the communities interested. We can have this discussion at the OTAG but, probably, user communities potentially interested are not adeguately represented within the advisory group.

2) A developer left the Ops Portal team the 1st of December. This could create the following problems: - A final under-reporting on the TJRA1.5 (this task ends at the end of PY3); - The complete release in production of the new portal could be delayed. The release will be probably done step by step - initiated with the new dashboard. The progress on this part will be also dependent from the integration of a new developer.

3. Major work done during the past week by task

3.1 TJRA1.1

- MS710 External Review

- D7.3

- JRA1 meeting:

- Analysis on JRA1 tasks effort used versus plan with data coming from QR11

- Analysis of the MiniProjects proposals VAPOR and GOCDB Scoping Extensions and Management Interface

3.2 TJRA1.2 TJRA1.3 TJRA1.5

3.2.1 SAM

SAM U20: WLCG experiments completed the validation last week. Therefore we are going to update our central installation.

SAM U21 ongoing: integration of the EMI probes

RT2791: It can be supported without any major modifications to SAM given that GOCDB provides a link that would list both locally and globally scoped services for a given region.

3.2.2 GOCDB

Status Update:

  • V5 (Doctrine): Aiming to release a test version in next few weeks to test main PI methods (PI now nearly reproduced using Doctrine DB).
  • New AAI layer for abstracting different authentication mechanisms integrated into v5 (e.g. x509, un/pw - loosely based on Spring Security3).
  • Service type request in progress (‘ARC-CE’ to ‘org.nordugrid.arex’).
  • GOCDB Mini-project: Scoping Enhancements + Management Interface.
  • GLUE2 XML rendering opened for public comment at OGF 37 (12th March)
  • Additional failover to be hosted at Daresbury Labs (UK)
  • Hardware found, in prep.

RT Requirements Analysis:

V5 Release (end ~May):

Number of smaller issues will be addressed in v5 release:

Post v5 release:

3.2.3 GGUS

Status Update:

GGUS release 2013-02-27

  • GGUS web interface
    • New "Did you know?" Title: Ticket relation in GGUS
    • Explaining status “waiting for reply”
    • Decommission of the software release dashboard
  • GGUS structure
    • Decommission VO «»
    • Decommission VO «»
  • Interfaces to other systems
    • Implement interface GGUS - IBERGRID RT
    • Renew certificate of NGI_PL interface
    • Renew certificate of NGI_IT interface
  • Mail issues
    • Migration of GGUS mail boxes to new infrastructure - Part 2
    • Moved domain from old mail infrastructure to new infrastructure
  • Reporting
    • GGUS RG: RG deviation of figures from manual reports
    • GGUS RG: Implement SLA report "open tickets by priority

GGUS next release 2013-03-27

Items for next release are not yet defined, open items are recorded at:

3.2.4 Ops Portal

Protoype for A/R VOs based on Lavoisier console with a computation on a hourly basis with an aggregation also per day:

3.2.5 Accounting Portal

Status Update:

  • Security work
  • Solved change on myOSG endpoint
  • InterNGI developments
  • Fixed US OSG views
  • Fixed reptier2 for Brazil federation.
  • New endpoint for UserDN publication SAM probe
  • Updated links section
  • Heavy Core refactoring
  • OOP migration
  • Regionalization improvements
  • Fixed XML endpoints
  • New view aggregating all region charts for InterNGI reports (NGI/COUNTRY).

Requirements Analysis:

  • #196: NAGIOS probes for Accounting Portal - It is done
  • #3210: visibility of historical data for de-commissioned sites in the accounting portal - dependant on gocdb support to mark closed historical sites (as opposed to name changes and test sites).
  • #3497: summary view in accounting portal home page – to be done after rewrite.
  • #3596: Additional views required in the Accounting Portal - Implemented as part of the InterNGI changes.
  • #4609: First implementation of the regional Accounting Portal by Y3 – Covered on the meeting agenda
  • #4653: Improve DN publication and the country reporting - Covered by the new SAM probe and publishing campaigns, also work done by SA1 staff, some NGIs refuse by law to make dta available.
  • #4741: Decommissioned grid sites in the EGI Accounting Portal - Duplicate of #3210
  • #4887: The VO member view of the Accounting Portal should properly list the VO/group/role accounting - Followed on GGUS #89640, originated by the correct way to display and categorize non-existent Role Information accross VOs.

3.2.6 Metrics Portal

Status Update:

  • NGI summed metrics for NA2.
  • New NGI for management purposes.
  • Addition of new SA1 metrics.
  • Changes in quarterly views and Excel reports.
  • Redundant views removed.
  • Changes in the auth system.
  • Changes for QR11
  • Prep work QR12
  • Maintenance

Requirements Analysis:

  • #628: Metrics portal provides Project & NGI metrics - It is a meta-ticket, I think it is done, but the scope is too generic.
  • #3236: Metrics portal aggregated views - Done
  • #4051: New NA2 metrics for Y3 on the Metrics Portal - Done
  • #4306: Metrics portal menubar truncates on chrome – Not replicated yet on local chrome and chromium installations.
  • #4308: Metrics portal access control - Mostly done, there are still problems with the group functionality

3.3 TJRA1.4 (Accounting for new resource types)

  • EMI 3 APEL client certified for release.
  • Cloud Accounting - additional cloud resource providers testing SSM v2 and using new Cloud Accounting record sending records to the new cloud accounting database - in preparation for the Community Forum demo.

4. Next Meetings

  • Next week: Virtual Meeting for Mini-Project VAPOR
  • Next JRA1 meeting at EGI CF 2013