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EGI wiki - how to... use it


This document will provide some rules how to use EGI wiki to keep the space clean, searchable and easy to use.

Before you create a page, please read and understand all of the Rules below.

If you don't, a big stinky monster will come and eat you right on the spot!

Many good EGI editors were not careful and ended their lives this way. ;)

Main principles

In this section you will find a list of principles which you should follow:

Pages hierarchy should be set by using categories
More information about the category structure for operations can be found in Section Page categorization
Page name and URL should be meaningful and as short as possible
The rules how to create a good URL/Wiki page name can be found in Section Page naming
Lead users through your pages by using page content and toolbars
If you want to show to the user what kind of information can be found in your pages please consider to use toolbars or/and index page which will contain all necessary information. How to use toolbars see Section Page structure
Keep wiki space clean and up to date
If you don’t need any more your wiki page or create one with typo please let wiki administrator know so it could be deleted. Try also to keep all your pages up to date – data and links. More information how to do that in Section Wiki space cleaning
Take a look at Wikipedia
EGI wiki is a wiki, not a general page. So to get the best of it we should use it as a wiki. Take a look at Wikipedia where everything is simple, properly categorized and searchable. See
Read rules again ;)

Page naming

Before you decide to Page name please take into account two important things:


There is a page which is designed for ROD teams. But if you try to search by “ROD” the wiki will not find it.


Because the key words are: "Grid", "operations" and "oversight/ROD". There is no "ROD" word in this title!

The same situation is with other characters like “:”, “/”, “-” etc.

Gluing words is also not an option. For example: The wiki search engine cannot separate words in a string of characters.

Let’s do that properly:

The ROD page should be: it will gives us a page with the title “Regional Operator on Duty” … and if the acronym ROD is widely used then we can create another page with a redirection to

Last but not least:

Page categorization

Now we have nice page for our ROD teams called:

We would like to somehow mark it as a part of Grid operations oversight activity. To do that we should:

The structure of categories can be found here:

You can associate the page with multiple categories but choose the category that:

If you want to create a hierarchy of your web pages, use categories not URLs!

Last but not least:

Category tree

You can also create your own category. To do that you should first find parent category (PARENT_CATEGORY) where you add the new one. Then create a page by changing “MY_CATEGORY” into word you’ve chosen and add into page content [[Category:PARENT_CATEGORY]] statement. New category will appear in the category tree.

Page structure

The page you want to provide should be:

  1. Easy to read for users. 
    • Add table of contents [TOC]
    • Add table of contents on the right side {{TOC_right}}
    • Remove table of contents __NOTOC__
    • Use toolbars see Section Toolbars
    • Use categories, see Section Page categorization
    • Use formatting, see Editing tips
    • Start with a short introduction
    • Keep pages simple
    • Doublecheck links in your article.
    • If you want to link to file, put an information that link will open a file eg.: Deliverable (pdf)
  2. Easy to maintain
    • Put all configuration settings (see above list) on the top of the page
    • If you want to put an internal link to wiki page eg., use wiki semantics [[Page name]]. In such way the wiki will know that there is a link between those pages and in case of removal it will be easy to find linking pages.
    • Do not use HTML tags, use MediaWiki markup for any formating


Toolbar is another great way to show the content and lead users through your wiki space. To create a toolbar for your wiki space you need to create a template and include it on the top of your pages.


Wiki space cleaning

If you want to change the name of your page:

If you want to remove a page:


If you need any help with EGI wiki, please contact

Editing tips

Other quick tips:


col1 col2 col3
text text text

{| class="wikitable"
! col1 
! col2 
! col3
| text
| text
| text

col1 col2 col3
text text text

{| class="wikitable sortable"
! col1 
! col2 
! col3
| text
| text
| text


recall in wikipage

{{template| par1=value|par2=value2}}

in the template


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

More General MediaWiki Information

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