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Glossary Coordination Group (GCG)

Why a Common Glossary

The EGI Community is composed by a large number of heterogenous actors who contribute to providing or consuming services for e-Science. Policy makers produce policies and procedures that govern the EGI processes; dissemination experts write articles for communicating the progress and results in using or evolving EGI; end-users write papers on research results achieved through the infrastructure; technology providers report on the advancement of technology components that enable EGI to operate and so on.

From many parties, it has been often expressed the need to identify a common set of terms which definition is agreed and shared so to improve the understanding and consistency of documents. In the current scenario, several independent glossaries exist sometimes with not consisten definitions.

The goal of the EGI Glossary is to address this problem by identifying and maintaining a shared set of terms across all the functional areas of EGI in order to enable a consistent understanding and usage within a well-defined scope. The EGI Glossary is maintained by the EGI Glossary Coordination Group who collect feedback from the whole EGI community through the EGI policy boards.   

The Group

The Glossary Coordination Group has been established to define and maintain a shared glossary across all the functional areas within EGI. The glossary will provide a common reference for the meanings of relevant terms used in the EGI context. The main goal is to enable a consistent usage of terminology with a well defined scope and stable meaning by EGI policies and procedures.


Membership of the GCG is composed of Chairs of EGI policy groups and their task forces, and the EGI.eu Strategy and Policy team (see Table)

Name Role
Sergio Andreozzi (Chair) EGI.eu Strategy and Policy Manager and Chair of SSB
Yannick Legre EGI Integrated Management System owner
Tiziana Ferrari Chair of TCB and SCG
Peter Solagna Chair of OMB
David Kelsey Chair of SPG
Tiziana Ferrari Chair of UCB
Diego Scardaci Chair of OTAG
Linda Cornwall Chair of SVG
Sy Holsinger EGI.eu Senior Strategy and Policy Officer
Sara Coelho EGI.eu Communications Manager
Malgorzata Krakowian Quality Manager

Communication and Working Procedure

  • All members of the Group are subscribed to the mailing list gcg-discuss@mailman.egi.eu and should use it as the primary written communication channel.
  • The EGI.eu Strategy and Policy Team will draft a preliminary list of terms with definitions and submit a working document to the members of the list for discussion
  • Request for the introduction of new terms and definitions or review should be submitted to the mailing list and the Chair will decide what is the most appropriate mode to deal with the request.
  • Wherever possible, the GCG will agree on the proposed terms and definition by clear consensus, as determined by the Chair.
  • The group will periodically release a document "EGI Glossary" with the most updated agreed set of terms; the document will have a version number; all the future EGI policies and procedures documents must reference the "EGI Glossary" document and the related section and use the terms consisten