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General Information

  • Status: closed
  • Start Date: 01/01/13
  • End Date: 30/04/14
  • EGI.eu contact: Gergely Sipos / gergely.sipos@egi.eu
  • External contact: Marco Verlato / Marco.Verlato@pd.infn.it

Short Description

The objective of WeNMR is to optimize and extend the use of the NMR and SAXS research infrastructures through the implementation of an e-infrastructure in order to provide the user community with a platform integrating and streamlining the computational approaches necessary for NMR and SAXS data analysis and structural modelling. Access to the e-NMR infrastructure is provided through a portal integrating commonly used software and GRID technology.


Proof of concept demonstrating the validation and improvement of biomolecular NMR structures using VirtualCing, a Virtual Machine equipped with a complex suite of ~25 programs.


It was demonstrated at the EGI Technical Forum held in September 2012, at the Cloudscape V Workshop held in February 2013 and at the EGI CF 2013 held in April.

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