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General Information

  • Status: Preparatory
  • Start Date: 12/03/2014
  • End Date: -
  • contact: Diego Scardaci /
  • External contact: Claus-Peter Klas /

Short Description

DCH-RP Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation is a coordination action supported by EC FP7 e-Infrastructures Programme, launched to look at best practice for preservation standards in use.

The project aim to harmonize data storage and preservation policies in the digital cultural heritage sector; to progress a dialogue and integration among institutions, e-Infrastructures, research and private organisations; to identy models for the governance, maintenance and sustainability of the integrated infrastructure for digital preservation of cultural content. It involves 13 partners from EU countries and will move to external partners from Europe and other countries.

Use Case

Deploy the following services on the EGI Federated Cloud:

  • Preservation Aware Data Management: Dropbox equivalent online storage for direct and dynamic data handling during information creation time
  • OAIS Complaint Archive
  • Collaborative Task-based Search & Access: ElasticSearch Server for searching metadata, provenance, full-text, pictures and video
  • User Interface

Use case requirements

  • All LTP services will run on dedicated virtual machines
  • EGI monitoring service will supervision the virtual machines
    • Furthermore monitoring services should monitor services in virtual machines, e.g. at least for a life sign aka ping
    • Potential response:
      • Notification of administrator
      • Automatic recovery, replacement or extension of virtual machine
  • EGI backup service to store the virtual machines, setups, etc.
  • EGI User handling and authorization and “single point of authorization”
  • Workflows on dynamic extensions of storage and CPU based on service level agreements and monetary resources
  • Easy and flexible “billing”

HW requirements

  • 1-3 VMWares: Standard Ubuntu LTS with 1 CPU & Diskspace
  • 1-3 TB Shared Data Storage (1 TB for the community platform storage, 1 TB for the archive and 1 TB for indexing information).

Additional Files