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FAQ GGUS-Short-Guide

This is a brief instruction for all people in charge of processing GGUS tickets.

1. Set ticket status "in progress".

 Please set the ticket status to "in progress" before reading the ticket!

2. Read the ticket and start investigating.

3. Re-assign the ticket in case it is wrongly assigned.

4. Adjust "priority", "type of problem" and "category" if necessary.

5. Work on fixing the problem and update the ticket accordingly.

6. Set ticket status "on hold" in case fixing the problem will take more time (e.g. more than 2 weeks) or the ticket has to await the update of a related component.

7. Set ticket status "waiting for reply" in case input from the submitter is required and add comments to the "public diary".

8. Use the "reminder" feature for not forgetting about tickets.

9. Add all information relevant for the submitter to the "public diary".

10. Get detailed information on how GGUS system is working from the Support Staff Guide.