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Dissemination events for ER-flow

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This wiki page contains the table with identified upcoming dissemination events for ER-Flow project. technical outreach to the new communities takes care of searching and identifying related ESFRI projects and their upcoming events on regular basis where ER-Flow project could promote their services and activities. Page edits are restricted to the EGI SSO group called ER-Flow-All. Every time when new event and related details e.g. how ER-Flow project could contribute to the event in order to promote their services, are added to the wiki page, ER-Flow-All group members can subscribe for notifications about the new entry and will enter the feedback about the interest in this event or will provide feedback.

Events table

Date of Event and place Type of Event URL of Event Deadline for submitting contribution Type of contribution from ER-Flow Interest from ER-Flow
7 - 10 September, 2014, Strasbourg ECCB'14 (the European Conference on Computational Biology) Tutorial proposal Submission Deadline, 24, January 2014 Tutorial proposal submitted tutorial proposal
July 21-25 2014, Västerås, Sweden WISC (Workshop on Interoperability in Scientific Computing) Submission deadline March 23, 2014 abstract about Workflow Provenance Matches well with Workflow Provenance activities of ER-flow
One day between June 27-July 2 2014, Alaska, USA

IEEE 2014 8th International Symposium on Scientific Workflows and Big Data Science (SWF 2014) in conjunction with IEEE BigData 2014
Paper submission deadline April 7, 2014

rich list of workflows topics at


Matches well with the activites of ER-flow (take a look at the topics of the conference)
June 22-27, 2014, Snowbird, Utah, USA
SWEET 2014 : 3rd International Workshop on Scalable Workflow Enactment Engines and Technologies
Papers submission deadline March 20th, 2014
abstract based on these topics:

1) Architectures and performance: convergence of data processing pipeline and workflow processing, associated architectural and performance issues;
2) Best practices: best practices in data-intensive workflow models and programming paradigms for designing efficient, effective and reusable pipelines;
3) Usability: lowering barriers to entry into programming data-intensive pipelines, by for example offering declarative and/or graphical interfaces that assist actively in the design process.

Matches well with provideds services by ER-flow
3-5 June, 2014, Trinity College Dublin
IWSG 2014
The deadline for paper/abstract submission: 14 March 2014 abstract
highly relevant for many ER-flow collaborators
2-6 June, 2014, Netherlands European Molecular Imaging Meeting 10th of February, 2014

abstract: medical imaging using SHIWA technology.

Molecular Imaging covering basic biomedical, preclinical and clinical imaging science

gathering new user, presenting achievements, advertising SSP platform
27 April – 02 May, 2014, Austria
16 January 2014

abstract accepted and and scheduled as Poster in Session NH1.8

abstract as a poster submitted and accepted by EGU2014
22-25 April 2014, France CAA2014: Computers Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archeology unknown

archeological data modeling, computing, visualization, virtual archeology

gathering new users

Feb 24-27, 2014, San Francisco

9th International Data Curation Conference unknown

Conference will explore the expanding portfolio of tools and data

Possibility to advertise SSP for workflows and data management.

  advertising the SHIWA technology
15-17 January, 2014. Aix-en-Provence, France

CESAB Workshop “Managing biodiversity data for scientific synthesis” Controbution for data management
Not fully relevant
3-6 December, 2013. Paphos, Cyprus International Conference on Scientific Computing – CSC 2013 30th of September. Poster Not fully relevant
November 26-27, 2013. Cardiff University, UK Training workshop Contacted organizers, waiting for reply. Presenting workflows framework and services provided by ER-Flow Not fully relevant
28 October - 1 November, Florence, Italy
TDWG 2013 Annual Conference: Virtual Communities for Biodiversity Science
25th of September
Engaging with Biodiversity communities
28-30 October, 2013. Rome, Italy 2nd EUDAT conference Engaging with new user communities
September 3 – 6, 2013. CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Rome Biodiversity Informatics Horizons 2013 Registration closes on 2013-08-31. REF: Presentation, poster.


Presentation about workflows already exist:

Not fully relevant


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