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EGI Services have to comply with a minimum set of requirements to jointly offer a reliable, secure and highly available service infrastructure. These requirements are defined by the OLA/SLA framework, which supports service management at various levels: Resource Centre (RC), Resource infrastructure Provider (RP), EGI and Technology Provider.


The framework is comprised of agreements defining the minimum set of services and the corresponding minimum performance provided:

Service Level Agreemens

Service Level Agreement (SLA): An agreement between a Service Provider and a customer/client. The SLA describes the IT Service, documents service level targets and specifies the responsibilities of the Service Provider and the customer/client.. A single SLA may cover multiple IT Services or multiple customers/clients.

In EGI Framework there are following types of SLAs:

Operational Level Agreements

Operational Level Agreement (OLA): An agreement between an IT Service Provider and another part of the same organisation. An OLA supports the IT Service Provider’s delivery of IT Services to Users. The OLA defines the goods or Services to be provided and the responsibilities of both parties.

In EGI Framework there are following types of OLAs:

Underpinning Agreements

Underpinning Agreement (UA): An agreement between an IT service provider and a third party. The third party provides goods or services that support delivery of an IT Service to a customer/client. The Underpinning Agreement defines targets and responsibilities that are required to meet agreed service level targets in one or more Service Level Agreements.

In EGI Framework there are following types of UAs:

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