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The EGI Data Federation is part of the EGI infrastructure. It is built using the EGI Open Data Platform, based on Onedata technology.

For scientists or member of research projects, the EGI Data Federation provides you with a means of accessing and working with data from the cloud. It also allows your data to be made discoverable and accessible to the general public via the EGI DataHub.

For organizations, institutions or companies which provide data storage or hosting of open data, the EGI Data Federation can easily link you to a wide research and public European network.

Data hosted in the EGI Data Federation may be completely open without any barriers to access, or restricted to specific user communities or individual users.

EGI DataHub

The EGI DataHub is the front end of the EGI Data Federation. It is a Data as a Service (DaaS) and is the first port of call to datasets hosted by data providers who are members of the EGI infrastructure - or to users' datasets themselves.

Egi datahub 1.jpg

Whilst the EGI DataHub does not store data itself, it provides an easy means of discovering datasets hosted by different data providers, and making those datasets easily accessible via different means. This could be by using a simple web browser or over POSIX to virtual machines on the cloud, as illustrated here:

Egi datahub 2.jpg

Getting started with the EGI Data Federation

Documentation "readthedocs"

Some documentation (readthedocs) can be found here:

It can be updated using

DataHub space on the community forum

A DataHub-dedicated space was created on the EGI community forum:

Guides (in progress

For the meaning of the terms in the following guides, please refer to the EGI Glossary.

For users Are you a scientist or other end user interested in finding more about the EGI DataHub or how to access datasets from your applications/virtual machines?
For resource providers Are you an institution or companies interested in providing access to your data infrastructure via the Federation?
Infrastructure Status Updated status of the data infrastructure via the Federation
Innovation roadmap Developments ongoing and planned for the EGI Federated Data infrastructure