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EGI CSIRT:Advisory

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Subject: EGI CSIRT ADVISORY [EGI-ADV-20120716]


 ** AMBER information - Limited distribution allowed **

 ** see for distribution restrictions **

Title: Unsupported Operating System / Grid Middleware releases [EGI- ADV-20120709]

Date: July 16, 2012

Last update:

Our monitoring indicates that your site provides services that are running on Operating System and/or Middleware versions that have reached the end of their life cycles and therefore security updates will no longer be provided.

Consequently, if a critical vulnerability affecting this software is published it will be necessary to immediately stop the affected servers/services and reinstall with currently supported software releases.

If you are running an LCG-CE on a platform derived from RHEL4 (CentOS4, SL*4), you have already been informed that if you do not migrate away from this software you will be asked to shutdown services on October 1st or your site will be suspended. Of course if, for any service or the operating system, a serious vulnerability is found before that date suspension may be done even earlier!

To avoid major service availability disruptions we strongly advise sites to migrate away from the Operating System / gLite Releases listed in the Broadcasts sent in February (RedHat) and April (gLite) 2012.

Grid middleware decommissioning plan for lcg-ce, and other services:

End of support for gLite-3.1 / gLite-3.2

End of support for RHel4.* and alike (i.e. SL4*, SLC4*, CentOS4*)