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  1. Task force initial goals and dependencie (see Media:cloud_access_options.pdf by Peter Kacsuk)
    1. Status of the execution of WS-PGRADE Jobs on any Cloud resource
    2. Status of the execution WS-PGRADE Jobs on Fed Cloud resources
    3. Evaluation of points 1.1 and 1.3 on the current VERCE Science Gateway (dev instance at SCAI) and expected impact.
  2. Next possible goals (see Media:gUseDataStaging_Data_Avenue.pdf by Peter Kacsuk)
    1. Evaluation of Data services available at EGI.
    2. Evaluation of porting to the Fed Cloud existing earth-science tools (eg. ObsPy webapp) that don't require WS-PGRADE
    3. Evaluation of a re-implementation the MISFIT computational service offered be VERCE according to the results of 1 and 2.1
  3. Support:
    1. Support and role of EGI-Engage and EPOS-CC participants to accomplish 1.
    2. Target Cloud resources to be used for the evaluation (EGI and others)
    3. Availability of Documentation for WS-PGRADE, Fed Cloud, VERCE