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Daniele Bailo, Damian Ulbricht, Diego Scardaci, Kostas Koumantaros 

Summary & Work

To objective of this short teleconference is to wrap-up the work done so far and outline a workplan to implement a prototype of the AAI USE CASE as soon as possible.


Define who wil deal with the different part of the system (see architecture here)

  1. ICS: Software to implement the integration of different AAI sistems (that in the EPOS perspective will be a module of ICS) can be hosted by GRNET
  2. TCS: we can then integrate the following TCS systems.
    1. EPOS-IS (CYFRONET, Mariusz Sterzel)
    2. VERCE PLATFORM (Daniele contacts Alessandro Spinuso)
    3. EIDA (Damian Contacts GFZ EIDA people)


EGI has done some work with respect to the topic of the AAI integration: Long Tail of Science platform

After some discussion, we agrees on re-using, as a first proptotype, the whole platform. It means that one or more EPOS TCSs will be linked to the EGI LToS platform.

As a second step, the modules of the platform which implement AAI could be re-used in the EPOS context. It will be subject to discussion within the EPOS WP6&WP7 groups.

Draft Roadmap

We can then try to implement a basic prototype (one TCS connected to the LToS platform) before the EGI Community Forum.

Next meeting

We agreed on fixing next teleconference tomorrow (at the wrap up meeting).

It will be around 15 of October.