EGI-Engage:2015.03.20 EPOS CC preliminary teleconf

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Short EPOS description

Schermata 2015-03-20 alle 15.10.59.png

Schermata 2015-03-20 alle 15.11.04.png

Envisaged Use case (AAAI)

Schermata 2015-03-20 alle 15.11.28.png

What we need

  • Short document for use case
  • Description of each TCS implemented AAAI system (Mariusz starts)
  • Who will do what (deliverables and PMs)
    • CYFRONET --> AAAI for AH TCS
    • INGV --> AAAI for ICS
    • SCAI Fraunhofer AAAI support infrastructure
    • KNMI -->???
    • GRNET -->???
    • CNRS --> ???


  • Mariusz: document describing use case & AH TCS AAAI details
  • After doc is done we do a teleconference with all partners