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Competence centre LifeWatch Support

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Disclaimer: the support activities described below as part of the EGI-LW-CC benefit from different funding resources, including the EGI-Engage project.


Updated 12 June 2015


EGI Training material: EGI has produced several webinars, see the full list here

In particular, slides providing a general intro to the GRID services are provided here

Slides providing info on Authentication are available here

Slides on Cloud services are available here

Slides on Data management are available here

Updated 31 March 2015

LifeWatch VO is available for tests to all LW partners.  Please fill the form here  to join. Notice that digital certificates are required to use the e-infrastructure resources.


The key objectives of this task are the following ones: 1) facilitate the adoption and exploitation of the EGI infrastructure by the LifeWatch user community; 2) act as liaison between the LifeWatch CC and the LifeWatch Service Center; 3) reach users through dissemination of LifeWatch in EGI; assist users along the path of enrolment, learning and exploitation.

LifeWatch is implementing a comprehensive process to support its developers, operation and end-users. The LifeWatch support to end-users is handled through a Service Center being established in Lecce. The Lifewatch CC in EGI will connect a support team in EGI, operated by IBERGRID (NGI-ES and NGI-PT) and the core-ICT team in LifeWatch, with the communities of developers and end-users, in particular for the integration, operation and monitoring of new applications and services.

This connection will be established at different levels: - Full lifecycle support for application projects, including: a register of projects, documentation, incidents and evolution management.

- General forum for discussion of evolution, new ideas, and to gather feedback, implemented using communication tools and complemented with workshops.

-Training platform, including hands-on exercises, user guides, webinars and on-line specific courses. These three levels will be implemented, under a common umbrella, for the use cases described in the three mini-projects presented in this Competence Center.

Description of work: INTERNAL TASKS

  1. Task 1.1 (NGI-ES, NGI-PT) Connection of Project Management tools: connection of the Project Management tools in LW-ICT-core with EGI support tools.
  2. Task 1.2 (NGI-PT, NGI-ES, NGI-IT) Implementation of common support tools. Maintain user-oriented documentation regarding the Lifewatch platform in EGI. The documentation will be prepared by extracting relevant information from technical documents provided by other tasks. Identify CC reusable assets such as technical developments and knowledge, valuable to other Lifewatch applications and scenarios, and also of interest to other communities. The documentation will be made available through a wiki, allowing the materials to evolve and other contributions to be easily incorporated.
  3. Task 1.3 (NGI-PT) Deployment and operation of a support and training platform. Provide helpdesk, consulting and training concerning the Lifewatch platform in EGI and its solutions. Helpdesk will be available via trouble tickets and/or e-mail. Consulting will be provided e-mail, videoconference and face-to-face. Training can be provided on-demand via webinars or face-to-face for instance co-located with other events. These activities will cover: - LifeWatch user enrolment in EGI - Using the LifeWatch platform and related EGI services - Guidance for porting LifeWatch applications to EGI - Reuse of the LifeWatch CC technical and knowledge assets in EGI Disseminate EGI and the CC within the LifeWatch community by raising awareness about: new developments, available tools, applications, services, achievements, capabilities, advantages, and success stories. This will be performed through: presentations, participation in events, web pages, and other appropriate means of communication.
  4. Task 1.4 (CSIC as NGI-ES): Definition of a dissemination and exploitation strategy. Disseminate the LifeWatch CC activities, methodologies and results to audiences outside the LifeWatch scope, which may benefit from the Lifewatch CC results. The CC will cooperate with EGI in disseminating activities aimed at reaching new user communities via the exploitation of the LifeWatch CC activities and achievements. The dissemination activities will be conducted in collaboration with and the EGI champions programme

INTERNAL Deliverables/milestones

  1. D1.1 Selection of Project Management Tools: Prototype. Due: M3 (May 2015) File:EGI Engage LW-CC-D1.1 v01.pdf
  2. D1.2 Deployment of common project management tools. Type: Report+Other. Two releases one in M12 (Feb 2016) and one in M21 (Nov 2016)
  3. D1.3 Deployment of the training platform Type: Report+Prototype, Due: M12 (Feb 2016), M24 (revised) (Feb 2017)
  4. D1.4 Report on the usage of the common support tools and training activities. A report describing the experience of the user community with the developments in the task. Due: M30 (Aug 2017)