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CRM Use Case Record Document

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Alert.png This article is Deprecated and should no longer be used, but is still available for reasons of reference.

How to create a new document

If you want to Insert a new document into EGI CRM, you should proceed the following way:

  1. Log-in in EGI CRM
  2. From the top navigation blue menu, select Documents
  3. From the shortcut toolbar, select the green plus sign. This will redirect you to the Document creation web form.

How to insert a new document into CRM

How to fill the web form for a document

The insertion of a new Document should contain the following fields:

  • Title, a Unique Document Name.
  • Document No, a autogenerated Document ID (do not change the default values)
  • Assigned to, which can be either an individual user or a group (e.g. specific NGI).
  • Folder Name, default.
  • Description, some metadata description of the document.
  • Download Type:
    • Internal - uploading a local PC file provided via File Name
    • External - external file accessible via URL provided via File Name
  • Active', used to tag the document as active
  • Version, document version.