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Audio conference link Conference system is Adobe Connect, no password required.
Audio conference details Indico page

Minutes of previous meeting (15-May-2013) available online.

1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 Staged Rollout

Status of the products verification/staged rollout

UMD-3.1 preparation

For UMD-3 a comprehensive view can be found in this RT dashboard. Please note that the page could take time to load.

Expected release date during the week 17-21 June


  • cream-slurm: currently being verified by Ibergrid members @ PIC. So far job submission tests have succeeded with minor issues, accounting now being tested.
  • cream-ge: new EMI-3 release from 03/06 fixes some issues found in the verification of the previous release. Will begin complete verification soon.


StoRM 1.11.1 was verified without any issues. Currently in staged-rollout. Some sites already have this version on production without issues.

Other products

Products in verification:

  • emi-UI
  • glite-Cluster
  • gridftp and globus-default-security
  • gsisshterm (gsisshterm is not SHA2 compliant)

Products in SR:

  • unicore-*
  • cream-lsf
  • DPM
  • glite-MPI
  • bdii-core 
  • argus

Products ready to be released:

  • Security update of EMI wms (3.5.1)
  • px 1.3.32
  • lb 4.0.92


UMD-2.5.0 release

UMD-2.5.0 was released with 10 products. See UMD 2.5.0 wiki for details.

  • GSI-SSHTerm 1.3.4 (this product does not have SHA-2 support!)
  • Globus GridFTP 5.2.3
  • Globus GRAM5 5.2.3
  • CREAM Torque module 2.0.2
  • TORQUE server config 1.0.1
  • BLAH 1.18.3
  • LB 3.2.10
  • globus-32-bit 5.2.4
  • WMS 3.4.1
  • globus 5.2.4

UMD-2.6.0 preparation

For UMD-2 a comprehensive view can be found in this RT dashboard. Please note that the page could take time to load. The most relevant product in the coming UMD-2 update is the emi-wn:

  • emi-wn will be available for SL6 (fixing GGUS #94628 and GGUS #94343)
  • Tested in verification during previous week with latest glexec and gfal/lcg-utils versions
  • Currently in SR, deployed in production during the weekend.

2 Operational issues

2.1 Updates from DMSU

No particular issue to report

2.2 SHA-2 middleware baseline

Few updates made to the SHA-2_support_middleware_baseline (StoRM and dCache).

  • Product teams are updating the page, but the current version should be almost final.
  • These versions will be used to implement the probes in the SHA-2 dedicated monitoring, to start probably at the end of the month (to be agreed in the next OMB).

3. AOB

3.2 Next meeting

Proposed date for the next meeting is June 24th 2013, 14:00 CEST

4. Minutes

No particular discussions/actions to report.