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1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 News from URT

Recent, or future planned, releases from the product teams:

  • ARC - 13.11u1 version 4.1.0 planned to be released early April
    • Adding support for Rucio
  • dCache - UMD-3 dcache-server 2.6.23
    • Fixed WebDAV and HTTP support for libneon clients
  • BDII core - new glue-validator
  • DPM/LFC - v. 1.8.8
    • Several stability fixes
    • New DB connection pooling in dmlite-adapter and mysql
    • Workarounds if sysadmin accidentally called some mountpoints /dpm
    • DMLITE, DAV and LCGDM support explicit file placement request (pool/fs)
    • Improved the Glue reporting in dpm-listspaces
  • GFAL/lcg_utils - v. 2.5.5
    • Backported fix for segfault on the srm plugin
  • FTS3 - v. 3.1.74
    • Optimisations and bugfixes based on production testing in WLCG
  • GridSite - v. 2.2.3
    • fixing improperly initiated time constants in signature verification code
  • CANL - v. 2.1.4
    • fixes long-discussed certificate chain validation errors
  • WMS v. 3.6.4
    • fix for - job submission fails when job ID starts with a dash!

1.2 UMD release

  • No news

1.3 Staged rollout updates

New in SR:

  • wms v. 3.6.4
  • gridway v. 5.14.2
  • globus-info-provider-service v. 0.2.1

old stuff:

  • globus-default-security v. 5.2.4 ( 9 months)
  • security-integration v. 3.0.0 (7 months)
  • emi-cluster v. 2.0.1 ( 7 months)
  • globus-rls v. 5.2.5 (3 months)
  • mpi v. 1.5.3 ( 4 weeks )

UMD 3 Campaign

  • Contacting Sites (full site list) in order to update the products list now for the UMD-3 products. Some sites have the contact points for the EA adopters outdated so please check in table if all contacts are still correct and send me email if you need to add / remove some contacts (SSO account mandatory)
  • Sites who didn't replied and still tagged as EA for UMD1 / UMD2 products (updated Monday morning):
    • NGI_BG, BG01-IPP
    • NGI_DE, FZK-LCG2
    • NGI_HR,
    • NGI_NL, SARA
    • NGI_SE, HPC2N
    • NGI_UA, UA-KNU
    • ROC_canada, CA-McGill-CLUMEQ-T2

1.4 Next releases

  • Middle May
  • End of June
  • October

2. Operational issues

2.1 Report from DMSU

  • from Alessandro Paolini:
    • The nagios probe eu.egi.sec.DPM-GLUE2-EMI-1 should be modified because it tries to detect some information that the new version of DPM doesn't publish any more

2.2 Migration of Central SAM services & reconfiguration of NGIs SAM instances

  • Central SAM services are in the process of migrating from CERN to the new consortium (GRNET, CNRS and SRCE). In order to enable smooth transition we have agreed to start using new hostnames:
    • for
    • for
  • CERN services will be operational until May 1st. Afterwards aliases will point to new instances.
  • If Regional & VO SAM instances are not re-configurred *it will stop working* after the switch off of the CERN instance.

  • Configuration advices:
    1. NGI and VO SAM Nagios instances
      • Create file /etc/voms2htpasswd-static.d/opsmon.conf with the following content:
    2. NGI SAM Nagios instances
      • Set the following two variables in YAIM:
    3. Rerun YAIM
    4. /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n NAGIOS -n SAM_NAGIOS

    If you prefer not to run YAIM skip the steps 2 & 3 and perform the following:

    1. NGI and VO SAM Nagios instances
      • Restart service voms-htpasswd:
      service voms-htpasswd restart
    2. NGI SAM Nagios instances
      • Modify parameter POEM_SYNC_NS_URLS in file /etc/poem/poem_sync.ini:
      • Modify parameter ATP_ROOT_URL in file ncg/ncg.conf:
      ATP_ROOT_URL= Parameter is repeated several times, you need to modify it on all places.

2.1 EMI-2 decommissioning

2.3 Probes raising alarms since April

  • none

3. AOB

3.1 Next meeting

June, 2nd 2014 (we may skip one because of EGI CF)

4. Minutes

Minutes 07.04.2014