VT IntelligenceCollection 1st meeting

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Minutes of 1st telcon of the "Intelligence Collection" EGI Virtual Team

Date of meeting: 20/12/2011, 10:00 CET

Date was chosen with this doodle: http://www.doodle.com/pcwbxw8nac42kyag

Meeting participants:

  • Goncalo Borges (Portugal NGI)
  • Agnes Szeberenyi (Hungary NGI)
  • Genevieve Romier (France NGI)
  • Mariusz Stercel (Poland NGI)
  • Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu)

Apologies: Claire Devereux (UK NGI), Joao Pina (Portugal NGI), Vera Hansper (Finland NGI)


  • Gergely Sipos provided an overview of goals and tasks of the VT
  • Gergely introduced the achivements of the first task.
    • Task was for the NGIs to answer four questions at NGI_community_interactions.
    • From the answers five questions emerged. These questions are recorded at NGI_community_interactions#Questions_emerged_from_NGIs.27_answers
    • The participants of the call did not have anything to add to these quiestions.
    • ACTION for VT members: Send feedback on these questions to vt-egi-intelligence-collection@mailman.egi.eu until 13/January/2012.
    • ACTION for Gergely and Ibergrid: Investigate how the CRM system can be used to store these five questions and the answers than NGI and EGI.eu persons would add to these questions when they talk to scientific communities. Report back about this to vt-egi-intelligence-collection@mailman.egi.eu.
  • The meeting concluded at 10:40.