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VT DCH-EGI Integration

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General Project Information

  • Leader: Steve Brewer,
  • Mailing List: Mailing List: <to be setup>
  • Status: proposed
  • Start Date: 1/02/2012
  • End Date: 10/07/2012
  • Meetings: see dedicated page


To establish a permanent bridge from EGI to digital cultural heritage resources in a manner that is both easy to use, extensible and furthermore exploits the full benefits of grid technology.

This project builds upon the prototyping work that has already been achieved within the INDICATE project and the international coordination that is being achieved through the DC-NET initiative. The INDICATE project has already delivered two pilot applications which are available through the e-Culture Science Gateway which enables access to resources hosted on EGI sites. There are two strands to this project: firstly to migrate the two INDICATE pilot applications to a more secure footing through the support of EGI partners and secondly to host the e-Culture Science Gateway in a more permanent environment after the end of the INDICATE project.

Of the two existing INDICATE pilot applications, the first will benefit from the continued development of the cloud approach currently underway. EC2 is being used now but the intention is to either extend or migrate this to one or other of the EGI solutions being developed within the EGI Federated Cloud Taskforce. The second pilot involves access control and rights management to provide secure access to two e-collaborative repositories. Again full integration within EGI will benefit the wider e-culture community.

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The expected outputs of this project are:

  • Establish a gateway to Digital Cultural Heritage resources for users. This will stand as a clear pathway to EGI-supported resources for researchers within the Cultural Heritage sector as well as other researchers requiring access to such data and resources. In addition to the gateway itself, dissemination and support material will be provided to maximise the impact and benefit of these fully integrated resources.
  • Simplify and expand the process of adding DCH resources and services to the infrastructure. The INDICATE project already has storage resources on EGI sites but through the implementation of virtual machines greater flexibility will be demonstrated.


The proposed duration for this project is 6 months: from mid-January (to coincide with a planned DC-NET/INDICATE joint activities planning meeting) to mid-July (to coincide with the final INDICATE conference to be held in Cairo). Much of the work is already being done so the new effort is mostly in coordinating this work across EGI partners, ensuring that appropriate guidance and support is available for prospective new users and disseminating news about the new facilities. The Gateway already exists but will need to be integrated with EGI resources. The cloud services are already being developed within INDICATE and the EGI prototype could be implemented within the Federated Cloud Task Force.

  1. Investigate current resources hosted on EGI (underway)
  2. Investigate current resources not hosted on EGI (underway)
  3. Investigate partners and sites interested in providing resources for this community

(see dedicated page)


  • Steve Brewer,
  • Antonella Fresa, IT
  • Daniele Cesini, IT-NGI
  • Richard McLennan,
  • Luis Cabellos, ES ( - at the suggestion of Isabel Campos, ES_NGI
  • Roberto Barbera, IT
  • Agnes Szeberenyi, HU-NGI
  • Mats Nylen, SE-NGI
  • Mariusz Sterzel, PL-NGI
  • Rosette Vandenbroucke, BE-NGI



  • Mailing list requested
  • Ongoing discussions with Antonella and Roberto Barbera to determine the current situation in Italy with the INDICATE e-Science Cultural Gateway
  • Discussions with Luis Cabellos about requirements/needs in Spain
  • 6 March 2012: RB further update on data sites associated with the INDICATE VO -
  • 6 March 2012: SB discuss plans with AF; identified 4 countries in addition to IT that we should target - Belgium, Hungary, Poland & Sweden. SB to contact NILs in these countries AF to contact INDICATE/DC-NET partners in these countries.
  • July 2012 this VT has now closed. The work is now continuing through other channels, primarily the DCH-RP project with which EGI is involved. The RP stands for Road Map and it is anticipated that the information collected will be of use to this project. The INDICATE project will close very soon and it is hoped that some further integration with EGI resources will emerge from this project.

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