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Community events

  • Copyedit and layout of the EGI Strategy 2015-2020 publication
  • Communications Plan - detailed ToC, writing
  • Scoping definitions for upcoming officer opening
  • Liaising with AARC, INDIGO DataCloud, team/task leaders for communications-related effort
  • Summarising list of (all projects) communications activities
  • Communications metrics for Q1 (Engage)
  • Contribution to D2.2 (INDIGO DataCloud)
  • Responding to media query! (Nature News)
  • First steps towards all e-Infras CF2016: setting up steering committee
  • CF2015: Feedback on guides, setting up plan for review, work on colocations, programme sketch
  • Working with CSIRT to design an appropriate process for handling media queries following an incident
  • CF2015: preparing for abstract review